Dolphin Tours_Myrtle BeachDolphins are highly social, playful and interactive sea animals. Traveling around in pods, they can sometimes merge into super pods, making up more than 1,000 dolphins at any offered time. They interact with each other, are sympathetic and understanding, virtually having a sixth sense about their own kind and others too.

It is no surprise that dolphin watching cruises in Myrtle Beach rank high on lots of a travel wish list.

Understood to be unbelievably caring, dolphins will stay with other ill or injured dolphins up until they are well, nursing them to health, and in many cases taking them to the surface area to assist them to breathe if it is needed. This mother hen impulse has actually been known to cross types boundaries; dolphins have actually been seen aiding other animals, such as whales, as well as saving a whale calf from being stranded and returning it to its mom.

Dolphins have actually been observed to safeguard human beings in the water, circling them and securing swimmers from sharks or chasing and threatening the sharks till they eventually leave. But, although they are known for the love and empathy to all, they are much like human beings when it pertains to emotions and the display of sensations.

On some of our dolphin cruises in Myrtle Beach, we have observed older male dolphin bearing battle and old battle scars, as male dolphins are aggressive towards each other, and take each other on in the event of a conflict, over much the same reason human beings do – over a female or friend. Sometimes, the battle for winning the love of another prevails as a male dolphin under attack or target, will be gotten rid of into exile if they are unable to show that they were strong enough to win, and upon losing, will be eliminated for life.

Likewise being highly social, incredibly friendly and loving includes dolphins being extremely sexual also and is one of the only animal species to take part in a sexual activity for reasons aside from reproduction, and for nothing more than satisfaction, sometimes even participating in homosexual activity. They too engage in foreplay similar to humans and sometimes copulate with dolphins of other types.

Dolphin cruises are highly sought delights, and the chance to swim among them is an amazing experience. Individuals who have been fortunate enough to have had a dolphin encounter first hand, and had a chance to swim, play and interact with these amazing creatures in their own environment, have actually compared the experience to be a spiritual awakening, and on that most definitely altered their lives permanently.

As we remain to be amazed and in awe of these magical animals, and as long as we continue to appreciate their area and environment, we will all have the ability to share in the delight of each other’s business for decades still to come.

Voyager Dolphin Cruises sail daily at 10 am, 2:30 pm. Call early to reserve your seat!

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William Dewyea

Our company went out on the Continental Drift boat out of the Voyager fleet for a 13 hour Gulf Stream trip yesterday. It was fantastic! The captain and the crew were more than hospitable. The boat was clean and well equipped. They put us on the fish and all of us ended up with some great memories and some sore arms from all the action. There was about 30 of us on the boat and we closed the day with almost 300 fish even though we had to toss almost 100 back. Everything from sea bass and cobia to mahi-mahi! Highly recommended. Even if you’re new to fishing, these guys will help you any way they can! Thank you for the memories and all you did for us!

Angel Adam

We had a group of 15 people (6 of them kids!) who took the dolphin cruise yesterday 4/23 and we absolutely loved the whole experience. The crew was fabulous (Capt. Brian, Brian and Bob!), they helped calm our kids and were super understanding when they were getting freaked out (their first time on a boat) and were very hospitable – coming around asking if we needed anything every now and then. The kids were able to see dolphins and touch some real sea animals!!! We all had a great time and it was a fabulous way to end our last day of vacation!!! Thank you so much for the experience Brian, Bob and Capt Brian!!