Just how do you prepare for a family fishing trip? An easy means to start is to discover when is the correct time to go. This can be conveniently done by discovering a number of kinds of fish and also the different fishing periods. When you have chosen your days, you might want to choose where you will be staying, taking a trip, and even the food menu.

Guide to A Fun Family Fishing Trip

Planning the fishing trip with family

Any Myrtle Beach fishing trip with friends and family can provide a memorable experience. It is essential to make sure that everyone has an excellent vacation. An easy point to remember is to have every person participate in the preparation and also the jobs required. Everyone can help, by chipping in for their share of the cost, deciding what charter boat to take, the length of the fishing trip and what drinks and snacks to take.

Take into consideration dividing the preparation into various tasks that your family and friends might take pleasure in doing one job specifically. Your uncle might enjoy checking out the travel guide in order to decide if you are going out into the ocean or staying inland along the waterway. Your mom might enjoy packing a lunch. Your good friend can delight in buying a fishing pole and other supplies. As you find out what they enjoy doing, preparing comes to be less complex for you and helps provide the entire team with a better possibility to have a more enjoyable deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach.

Checking out the camping area or cabin

You have the choice to rent out a cabin or go to a camping area if you do not like to stay in the resort. There are several nearby lakes, waterways, and also the sea. A comfy location to enjoy nature is by leasing a cabin. You can be close to the water, to obtain a very early start in the early morning to fish. 

One more accommodations alternative is a camping area. Camping areas are usually close to bodies of water. They cost much less as well as give you a distinct experience of resting under the starlight. When you remain at a camping site, you can obtain a closer experience of nature.

Preparing your fishing equipment and supplies

Recognizing what supplies to bring for your fishing trip is necessary. Additional things such as windbreakers, sunscreen, as well as fishing gear, might be essential depending upon the sort of location you are intending to fish. On top of that, the kind of fish you are going after, length of the trip, as well as added things that you want to do such as binoculars for dolphin watching, directly affects what supplies you will br taking.

Preparing for assistance

To help you prepare effectively, the Internet is a hassle-free as well as a quick method to discover a thorough fishing guide. Your angling research ought to consist of useful, understandable info on different kinds of fish, best time to fish and supplies to take. 

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Why Fishing Is The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

A mother’s love is among the greatest gifts that anybody can ask for. She is your adviser, comforter, and teacher. She has your best interest at heart always. As Mother’s Day celebration draws near, have you decided what gift you’d want to give your mom? Have you ever considered taking her on a fishing trip?

Create Unforgettable Memories

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift at the department store can be a cumbersome task. You’ll find a lot of things that may seem like the best gift for your mom and you can easily be overwhelmed. The problem with material gifts is that they can be broken, tarnished, or lost. However, the memories still live. These memories are the bread and butter that makes any occasion special. Mothers like to enjoy memorable occasions. She’s one of a kind and deserves nothing else but the best.

You may already have given her flowers, candy, and jewelry before. These gifts do represent how much you love her but this year, you can give her something much more. Why not surprise her with a Myrtle Beach fishing trip.

Fishing Trip In Myrtle Beach

As the old adage goes, the best things in life are free. Unforgettable memories or happiness cannot be bought. But she can experience all that if you take her on a deep sea fishing trip. Imagine her enjoying the paradise, the clear blue waters, and the sunshine on her forehead. As she goes on this special journey with her loved ones, you’ll see her smiling and laughing. Nothing beats the time spent with Mom. Take this special day and this wonderful adventure to honor your mother and let her feel that she’s special with the most amazing fishing experience.

Plan Your Mother’s Day Fishing Trip

Whether your mom loves reading books in her room or spending time outdoors, charter fishing appeals to everyone. With the help of an experienced crew and captain who understands the importance of excellent family experiences, the trip’s focus will be on creating wonderful memories with your mother. There are many options that you can choose from. But you will surely be able to find the best charter that would honor the wishes of your mom for a wonderful time during Mother’s Day.

Charter Fishing Options

  • Half-day – half-day fishing trips last between four to six hours.
  • ¾ day – the fishing trip lasts between eight to ten hours. This is the recommended option if you would like to go fishing in Myrtle Beach.
  • Full day – considered to last from 12 to 18 hours. It is best for mothers who have an adventurous spirit and would love nothing more than to spend the entire day out in the water.
  • Overnight – overnight charters are commonly booked between 24 to 72 hours. This is the best option if your mom and your family would like to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and just enjoy eating food and fishing in Myrtle Beach.
  • Charter Fishing – Charter a boat just for your family and the length of time you want to fish and enjoy family time.

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deep sea fishing


Myrtle Beach fishing safety should be one of your top priorities especially when you are looking to catch big game species like tuna or marlin. It is best to go with a licensed captain or deep sea fishing expert particularly when it is your first time doing this kind of activity.

Both the angler and the captain should think about safety seriously. Unlike regular boating trips, offshore fishing trips are much more exciting and challenging mainly because of the size and strength of the game species that you will be catching. This means that you also have to set in place certain measures to ensure your safety and protection.

If you are planning to go on a deep sea fishing trip, don’t forget to follow your captain’s instructions. You need to follow safe boating regulations and fishing in Myrtle Beach safety tips so that you will get to have only a memorable experience during your trip.

Deep Sea Fishing Tips 

Check weather updates frequently. Keep in mind that offshore conditions may change swiftly. It is, therefore, important for you to stay alert by tracking the weather data using your marine radio or satellite data.

File a float plan. Filing a float plan will help give precise information about your trip to the United States Coast Guard in case you face an emergency. Your captain has already done this if you are on a fishing charter.

You should know where the safety equipment is stored. Of course, the boat safety equipment should be checked beforehand and make sure that everything is operational.

First aid kits should be kept in a place where it is accessible. Be sure to check your kit before your trip and make sure that nothing is expired.

Wear clothes and bring gear that is suitable for offshore conditions. They must also be appropriate for deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach. Don’t forget to bring your rain gear, hat, and toe boat shoes.

Bring extra food and water supplies. This will make sure that you won’t go hungry in case you stay out at sea for a much longer period. There is a galley on Voyager, however, it may not have the type of food you need.

Learn how to prevent deep sea fishing injury. When trying to catch a big fish, be sure to use the waves so you don’t have to put too much strain your arms and body when pulling up a fighting fish against the waves of the ocean. You also have to maintain good posture. Your back should be kept straight. This will be helpful once the fish that you have caught swims out and towards the bottom of the ocean floor.

You can also try to get rid of the cause of back pain by using your legs. Rather than pulling up on the rod using your arms and back, you should bend your need instead and then wind once you straighten them. You should sit back so you can counter the pulling force of the fish that you are trying to reel in.

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Fishing Myrtle Beach

What You Need To Know About Fishing in Myrtle Beach

A certain sport that may not be for everyone is deep sea fishing or fishing in Myrtle Beach. However, for others who really want to try deep sea fishing experience, it can be rather gratifying. Other people even call it an extreme sport because of the dangers and excitement you achieve. The adrenaline rush you obtain as you draw that marlin, yellow tail or swordfish over the fishing boat is a feeling like no other.

What You Need To Know Before Deep Sea Fishing

Before going on a Myrtle Beach fishing trip, you need to think about finding a few important points to identify whether this kind of activity is suitable for you. As an example, you might not be comfortable for a deep sea fishing activity if you have the tendency to easily feel nauseous.

If you are not sure of exactly how well you could deal with the waves of the open water, attempt a cost-effective, brief tour initially to check your sea legs. You could charter an hour or two trip offshore that will take you out a mile or so to experience the sensation of the sea. This is to get you comfortable so you could make your decision if you could deal with the waves.

Do you know any first aid or survival tips? When you go out on a deep sea fishing adventure, you will be in a place where land is not in view, so you will have to figure out if that troubles you.

Usually, when you venture out to sea with a distance of ten miles or even more, you will not see the coastline. If this idea terrifies you, deep sea fishing might not be your sporting activity and also you could intend to take into consideration other kinds of fishing activity or just go on a jet ski rental. The deep sea where the most significant fish could be captured will be a ways from the shoreline.

One more factor to consider before going on a fishing adventure is the quantity of time you will spend out in the sun. Being in the sun for so long can damage your skin and cause dehydration. Voyager has a cabin where you can locate sanctuary from the sunlight, nevertheless, you can not fish from inside.

You might reassess making the journey if you are fair skinned or sunburned quickly or are specifically at risk of dehydration or heat stroke. If you do make a decision to go, whether you anticipate being impacted by these conditions, take with you an effective sunscreen with high Sun Protection Factor or SPF, a hat, and also a lot of water. Charters will generally supply water for you also, yet you should take your very own.

If you are ready, fishing in Myrtle Beach could be the adventure of a life time. Just beware as well as be prepared, before heading out on your own.

For a fun-filled Myrtle Beach fishing adventure, you can call or book online at Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises for the adventure of a lifetime.

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Time To Experience A Deep Sea Fishing Trip

deep sea fishingMyrtle Beach is a great place to have fun. Deep sea fishing offers a new way to have fun. It is packed full of exciting adventures and unforgettable experiences. This unique opportunity is available to charter deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach. After you’re done with the high-end food at Myrtle Beach’s restaurants, it might be time to start hunting for your own food.

Top reasons to go deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach.

Amazing Deep Sea Charters

Comfort and safety should always be your top priorities when you’re out at sea for pleasure. You will find fishing boats that have all the luxury amenities you would expect from a luxury boat. To ensure the best service, you should do some research about the best deep-sea charter companies. Our ships are refurbished every winter and are ready for your enjoyment.

Enjoy Deep Sea Serenity With Friends

Fishing near the pier can be fun but it can also cause problems if there is not enough space. Deep sea fishing allows you to fish as freely as you want. Deep sea fishing is a great way to make friends and share your passion.


Adventures are always exciting because you never know what kind of new adventures and surprises you might find. Professional anglers will know that fishing close to the shore can be dangerous. Because some fish species love to dive deep, you won’t find many along the shorelines. You can find rare and large trophies that you can show off to your friends by diving deeper.

Enhance your fishing skills

You have to be ready for the big boys to get you stoked. You won’t learn any new fishing techniques if you keep your eyes on the shore. Because the winds are calm and waves are gentle, it is easier to fish along the shores. Fishing can be a great experience but if you don’t want to face new challenges, it can quickly become boring.

Warm Climate

Charter deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach is a great option if you’re sensitive to extreme weather conditions. The warm weather makes it easy to fish in the warm waters, and charter fishing boats are a great option. The spring brings even better weather to this beautiful location. Without worrying about severe weather or violent storms, you can dive deeper into the ocean.

Myrtle Beach is the ideal location for deep sea fishing in spring. Charter deep sea fishing boats are a great way to have fun and offer all the comforts of a luxury boat. Voyager is ready to sail! Call us today to reserve your spot.

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South Carolina has many water activities to offer, it is a place that can also satisfy your fishing dreams. Whether your favorite fishing includes collapsing with the waves of the Atlantic, casting a line from the beach, cruising across a big inland lake, wetting hooks in a pond or fly-casting in a roaring river.

South Carolina is blessed with rivers, lakes, mountain streams, salt marshes as well as the Atlantic Ocean, all of which are great for fishing. It can be as straightforward as a fishing rod and also a worm, or as state-of-the-art as you see on champion angling programs.

How To Make Your Fishing Trip More Enjoyable

Where is the most ideal place to fish?

  • Coastal
    The SC shoreline has an endless listing of communities where deep-sea anglers can depart to plumb the Atlantic Ocean, from the Grand Strand in the northeast to Beaufort in the southwest, with such gems as Georgetown, Charleston, Edisto Island and also Hilton Head Island in-between. Many marinas offer day, as well as half-day deep-sea fishing charters, bent on the Gulf Stream. A vast array of types include dolphin fish, flounder, Red Drum, sharks as well as much more.
  • Midlands Lakes
    With 14 significant reservoirs covering almost 370,000 acres, South Carolina’s network of synthetic lakes is a product of utility business to generate power. The Santee Cooper Country map includes Lakes Marion, Moultrie and Murray; Lake Wateree and also Lake Monticello north of Columbia; and also other, smaller state lakes consisting of Lake Edgar Brown (Barnwell), Lake George Warren as well as Webb Center Lakes (Hampton), Bonneau Ferry WMA Lake (Berkeley) and more. Bass and various other freshwater fish are plentiful. Expect to find candy striped bass, little and also largemouth bass, pumpkinseed, catfish and numerous panfish such as crappie and also bream.
  • Upstate Lakes
    A number of big lakes populate the Upstate area, including those along the state boundary with Georgia, including Lake Hartwell, Lake Monticello as well as Lake Thurmond. To the eastern near Rock Hill is Lake Wylie, while Lake Secession in Abbeville, Lake Greenwood, Lake Keowee (Oconee) as well as Lake Jocassee (Pickens) are likewise faves. Smaller lakes consist of Jonesville Lake, Lancaster Reservoir and Lake Cherokee in Gaffney. Expect to discover small as well as largemouth bass, crappie, sunfish and also pumpkinseed, among others.
  • Rivers and also Ponds
    South Carolina is crisscrossed with large and little rivers, from the Ashley and also Cooper Rivers in Charleston, May River near Bluffton and also the Edisto River (Orangeburg) to the Chattooga River moving from the Blue Ridge Mountains near Oconee. As well as there are many ponds throughout the state, both personal and also public, for a more unwinded fishing experience. In Upstate streams and rivers, fish for creek, brownish or rainbow trout. The lakes and also fish ponds provide exceptional angling for catfish, bass, crappie, sunfish, bream and also others.

Fishing Licenses
If you’re age 16 or older and would want to fish in public waters, you will need to obtain a fishing permit from the state Department of Natural Resources. You do not require a permit if you’re fishing in a private fish pond, on a certified charter watercraft or from a qualified pier. Licenses can be bought for a two-week period or yearly, and also SC residents can buy ones good for 3 years.

Obtaining a license is easy and can be done through their website, by calling them and from more than 500 permit suppliers, which generally include searching and also angling shops, take on stores and also various other similar organizations.

Capture and also Release
Specific species of fish, and also others at particular seasons, undergo catch-and-release regulations. The policies differ extensively; to determine specific rules here.

Dos and also Don’ts.
Like a lot of outdoor sports, South Carolina has fishing rules that should be followed. For those new to the sport, here are some general rules for your safety and security when going on a fishing trip.

1. Constantly respect personal property. Get authorization if you are intending to fish from it. Try to be considerate of others who are also fishing Myrtle Beach.

2. Never ever trash, particularly with mono-filament lines. Birds, as well as other animals, can obtain entangled in it.

4. Report individuals going against angling regulations.

5. Capture as well as release whenever possible. Don’t keep fish you are not going to consume. Utilize steel split shot rather than lead. It is much better for the setting.

6. Never ever keep a trout over 15 inches. Smaller ones taste better and also returning larger fish to the stream makes sure you capture bigger fish in the future, given that they have great reproductive genetics. Bring an electronic camera and also a means to measure your fish.

7. Be aware of the weather prediction before going. Never ever fish these sections alone because flash flooding can occur at any time.

8. When fishing tailwater areas, understand launch timetables.

9. Use belted waders to avoid the water from entering your waders should you wind up going with a flight. Constantly bring an emergency treatment kit when you go on a deep sea fishing trip.

10. Clean and also dry your boots and equipment in between trips to stop the transmission of invasive varieties.

11. As you cast, keep an eye out for hornets’ nests in the trees over the water.

12. Constantly inform a person where you are going.

You will surely have the best fishing adventure if you follow these simple rules. To know more about fishing in South Carolina, especially in Myrtle Beach, call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises.

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How do you prepare for night fishing?

There are many benefits to fishing at night. These include the fact that you are cooler, can use different lures and catch more fish than you would during the day, and you have the opportunity to tackle unique challenges.

Although it might seem like a fun way of changing things up, there are some important points you should keep in mind when you fire up the motor or paddles at night. Night fishing is a completely different approach.

Tips for Fishing at Night

Charter night fishing can be a completely different experience. It requires a special strategy to succeed. Here are some ways you can ensure a successful evening out fishing.

Keep the Bait Moving

Fish use their sonar senses at night to navigate around in darkness. Spinnerbaits will be your best friend because they can detect every movement quickly. It doesn’t matter what lure you choose, as long as you keep moving the bait around and jigging it.

Larger predator fish cannot see well in darkness and have weaker sonar senses than smaller panfish. Nighttime fishing has a major advantage because it allows for fish such as bluegills, sunfish, crappies and perch to search for food.

Make Light Work for You

North Myrtle Beach SC night fishing lights should be kept to a minimum as they can attract lots of insects. However, you can still use lanterns to catch more fish.

You can see phototrophs coming to the surface of the water if you shine a flashlight on it. Small minnows follow the phototrophs and eat them once they’re around.

This is a great way hack the system and try your luck. You could also try this area if there is a spotlight or something similar at the lake where you are on a fishing trip. Moonlight works well too.

Use a Sensitive line and rod

It’s harder to see at night so why not make it easier for yourself to react faster? The most sensitive rod and line possible will help you react faster to small nibbles that you might not notice in the dark. Your line will not be visible to you so this adds an extra layer of difficulty. Ultrasensitive lines will compensate for your loss of vision.

Go towards murky water

It is a great idea to map your travel route when you fish at night. Make sure to include some muddy, murky areas in your map. This is because fish love to be there.

You will be able to catch some fish if you bring your spinners and jigs. A great place to throw a spinner is along a rocky shore.

Night Fishing Safety and More

Fishing at night, in darkness can be very rewarding. However, you should take extra precautions. Here are some safety tips that will help you stay safe out there.

You can get there early if you plan ahead of time

You should try to reach your fishing spot before the sun sets to make sure everything is in order. This is especially true if you have never fished this particular spot.

Before you go fishing, make sure to create a map. This will help you avoid unexpected situations and help you to orient yourself if you are on a boat. This will help you to know exactly where you are at sunset. You should pay attention to your surroundings when you are deciding where to fish. Power lines

  • Low hanging trees
  • Stumps
  • Rocks
  • Dams
  • Excessive weeds

It’s the best time to go fishing at dawn and dusk.

Make sure you have the right safety gear

Climbing around on a boat is dangerous, particularly at night. Be sure to only bring the necessary items, and don’t get carried away. These are the essential components of safety gear that you should have with you when you fish at night. Extra flashlights and headlamps

  • Boat lights for night fishing
  • Backup batteries
  • Life Preservers
  • First aid kit
  • Cell phone
  • Emergency blanket Pocket knife

You can ensure that you have the right tools for the job and are prepared for any emergency.

Tell someone where you’ll be

Although it may seem silly, you should not go out on the water by yourself at night without anyone knowing. Tell your partner. Tell a friend, family member or neighbor. Let them know what you’re doing and how long. This will allow them to sound the alarm if they don’t hear from you.

You can rest assured that someone will find you if anything happens. This will ensure that you have a great fishing trip.

Make sure you have a rigged rod before you go

This is a huge one. This is a big one. This is not only a waste of time, but also a safety hazard.

You will be able to bring along as many rods and as many nighttime lures as you want to use to the lake so you don’t have to worry about them while you’re there. This will allow you to spend more time fishing, and less time fiddling about or putting yourself at risk.

Reel in Sitting Down

You should sit down and reel in a hook if you have one. Because you can’t always see where your feet are, the chances of losing your balance in darkness are greater.

You might not even notice the bend in your rod at night, so you may not be aware that you have a large fish. This could lead to you being knocked down or worse.

Call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises now if you are looking to have some fun out in the water. We’ll help you have a fishing experience that you’ll remember for the years to come.

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fishing Myrtle Beach

What can you catch around Myrtle Beach?

fishing Myrtle BeachPeople often refer to Myrtle Beach fishing as saltwater fishing. We have direct access to the Atlantic Ocean and numerous streams that flow into it. All saltwater. If you are used to freshwater fishing, there are some tips. You use different types of bait and tackle. The majority of inshore fishing is done on the ocean floor. To keep your rig upright, you will need a weight or sinker that is pyramid-shaped. After each use, rinse your reel with water to remove saltwater.

You can rent or purchase a rod and reel at your local bait and tackle shop, piers or sporting goods shops. Off shore fishing or deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach is an adventure. Catching large, massive fish in deep water is certainly an exciting experience.


The Myrtle Beach region is blessed with beautiful inland waters in addition to the majestic Atlantic Ocean. The Intracoastal waterway runs parallel to the coast, from Little River to Socastee where it joins the Waccamaw River. Other rivers and tributaries are also connected to the waterway. The only way to reach the ocean is through Little River and Winyah Bay.

The Intracoastal Waterway runs in its entirety from Boston to Key West. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers “built” the waterway, using existing rivers and other waterways as well as digging canals to connect them. 1936 saw the completion of the section connecting Little River and Socastee, which opened up the East Coast to commercial and leisure vessels. On April 11, 1936, dignitaries from all over the country attended the dedication ceremony.

Inland waters in the Myrtle Beach Area are popular for boating, charter fishing and leisurely cruises. You can make your trip even more memorable by chartering a cruise boat. You can find cruise boats at Little River, North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach as well as Conway, Murrells Inlet and Georgetown. Some ferry passengers along the Intracoastal Waterway while others travel to the Waccamaw or Winyah Bay. Some offer sightseeing tours, while others offer dinner and dancing. Nearly all offer fascinating narratives about the region’s wildlife, scenic wonders and history.


GEORGETOWN COUNTY. South Jetty at Murrells Inlet. North Litchfield, SC, Huntington Beach State Park. Telephone (843) 226-7440 The Atlantic at Murrells Inlet Parking. Parking. Every day, open 6 am to 5pm. You will need to enter through the park and then walk long distances to the jetty.


Apache Campground Fishing Pier. 9700 Kings Road. Myrtle Beach. SC. (843) 449 6486. The Atlantic is 1,206 feet long with mid-pier shelter. Parking fee. Parking fee. Hours vary between April and October from 6 am to midnight, November through April.

2nd Avenue Pier. 110 North Ocean Boulevard. Myrtle Beach. SC. (843) 626-8480. Parking fee. Access for those with disabilities Restrooms, restaurant, and bait and tackle available. Hours vary according to season and are open all year.

Cherry Grove Pier. North Ocean Boulevard, North Myrtle Beach (SC), (843) 249-1625 985 feet. Parking fee. Access for those with disabilities Restaurant, arcade, toilets, bait and lure, and a restaurant are available. Hours: Open 24 hours a day, March through November.

Myrtle Beach State Park Pier. 3301 South Kings Highway. Myrtle Beach (SC), (843) 220-5325. The Atlantic is 750 feet. Parking fee: 6 a.m.-10 p.m. all year Access for those with disabilities Picnic area, gift shop, restrooms, camping, cabins and nature trail. Campers and cabins are available 24 hours a day.

Pier 14. 1306 North Ocean Blvd., Myrtle Beach (SC). Phone 843 448 6500 Parking Fee for Atlantic. Access for those with disabilities Restaurant, gift shop and bait and tackle. Open from February to November, 7 a.m.-11 p.m. The Pier at Garden City. 110 Waccamaw Drive Garden City Beach, SC (843) 651-9700 At 660 feet, Atlantic. Parking fee. Access for those with disabilities Restaurant, arcade, toilets, bait and lure, entertainment in the summer. December through February 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday through Thursday 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Friday through Saturday March 6 a.m. until midnight

Springmaid Pier. 3200 South Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach (SC), (843) 238-5189, ext. 3008. 1,060 feet on the Atlantic. Parking. Parking. Access for those with disabilities Restaurant, gift shop, restrooms, bait & tackle, and a restaurant are available. From 7 a.m. until midnight

Surfside Pier. Surfside Beach broke ground for the new North Myrtle Beach deep sea fishing pier in December 2020. It was damaged by Hurricane Matthew. The new pier will be complete in 18 to 20 month. 11 South Ocean Boulevard, Surfside Beach (SC), (843) 223-0211. 830 feet. Parking. Parking. Access for those with disabilities Restaurant, gift shop, bait and lure, restrooms. Open March-November, 24 hours a day; December-February 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises if you’re planning to go fishing on Myrtle Beach.

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Are you supposed to tip your captain?

fishingThis is a debate that has been raging for as long as people have been fishing. Some prefer to stay at home and play solitaire rather than deal with the situation. Some people go fishing but wonder if it was the right thing.

It afflicts men and women of all ages, wealthy and poor, and it is a source of pain for both young and old. It doesn’t matter if you’re there for the Super Bowl, or just for a day, if your plan is to go fishing, this question will be asked: How much should you tip a guide on your deep sea fishing North Myrtle Beach?

Fishing Trip and Tipping

There are many ways to answer this question, but the majority of guides agree that a gratuity is appropriate if you fish with a guide, mate, or captain who worked hard.

Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises said you should always give your waiter the same as you would give your mate. He is waiting for your hand and foot. Your trip can be made or broken by him.”

Good waiters make sure your water glass never runs dry and that your food is always hot. A good friend is always available when you need them. He will bait your hook, adjust the reel’s drag and gaff your fish.

Captains of charter boat fishing reported that they usually receive tips of 10-20% of the trip’s cost. A 15% tip is generally expected. The tip for a full-day trip is $600. The tip is split among the captain and the mate on most boats. The mate gets a little more.

If the service was exceptional, the tip may be higher than usual. It can also be lower if it was not. Even if the fishing is poor, the service can still be exceptional.

It’s not about what you catch. “It is how hard the guide worked.”

Even if your group insisted on going after the sailfish even though the sailing was slow on a charter boat. Eve fished hard but didn’t catch a single sailfish. All of the experienced anglers in the party gave Kane and his mate $100 tips.

However, it is acceptable to tip more if the captain and mate work hard and produce good fishing results.

Kantner stated that a tip could range from zero to an offensive or arrogant guide to half of the trip’s price on rare occasions when hard work and hungry fish combine to create a lifetime experience.

Many people wonder why they tip guides. They have a great job and get paid to fish for a few hours each day.

Guides say that customers don’t appreciate the extra work that goes into making their job easier. Skippers who are successful buy and catch live bait every morning, clean and repair the boat and tie new rigs every night.

Others have suggested that the gratuity be included in the trip cost and the games should be eliminated. It’s just a fact of South Florida life, say guides.

In some areas of the country people don’t tip. People in the Midwest have a $5 tab, and they leave a quarter to say, “Here, you can buy yourself a Milky Way.” They don’t think they are cheap.

“Down here, the leisure economic promotes a particular irony. Merchants are encouraged not to charge high prices for their services, despite the fact that they have high living costs. Fishing guides need to do the same in order to remain competitive. Guides can live a life that is above the ordinary if they receive gratuities.

You should ask about the tipping policy. It will make everyone feel better. You will feel better knowing you didn’t tip too much, and your poor mate will be able to see that you didn’t accidentally tip too little.

When you catch fish that are commercially valuable, like snapper, dolphin and wahoo, things can get complicated. Captains may keep all of the fish as a tip. Some captains will keep all the fish in lieu of a tip. Others may ask for a tip to clean your fish. To avoid any problems after the trip, ask questions before you make your booking. Most guides accept gratuities in addition to cash and fish.

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When is the best time to go fishing?

Fish in rivers, ponds, and lakes may feel sluggish because of the warmer weather. The same thing will happen during winter when the water temperature have dropped. Why? All fish are considered as cold-blooded, which means they could not keep the temperature of their body at a constant level. So, the surroundings’ temperature will affect the body temperature of the fish as well as their bodily function. So when is the best time to go fishing?

Extremely low and high water temperatures will lower the amount of oxygen in the water, which will make the fish less picky and active when it comes to what and when they eat. If it’s about looking for the best Myrtle Beach fishing times, avoiding extreme temperatures.

For a more correct water analysis in order to determine when the fish will bite, fish finders, as well as water temperature gauges could offer angles real-time feedback on the temperature.

Daily Fishing Forecast

Other factors such as bright sunlight could also affect the activity of the fish and that’s why it’s crucial to focus on the time of day when you plan to go, which could make all of the difference when it comes to your success. Fish love early morning and the evening sun and even up to the bright midday rays. During midday, the water’s surface temperature is also hotter, which will force the fish to move much deeper. You may also want to consider night fishing.

Fishing Calendar

The varying weather conditions could be a huge factor in determining the finest times to go on a charter fishing. Wind could play a huge role since it will push water as well as the surface food into the far shore. Storms would also affect the success of fishing, boosting feeding during the hours right before a cold front but slowing down during and after the storm or the front hints. The warm front is an exception as it will cause the surface water temperatures to boost, putting different kinds of fish into a feeding frenzy.

Another great chance to go on a fishing trip is during cloudy days because overcast skies would cause the fish to cruise for food much more than during bright days. Light rain is likewise one of the finest fishing schedules since it washes bait and insects to the water, which will be creating a feeding binge for the fish.

If you want exact targeting for the best times to go on a fishing trip, you should try out a fishing calendar. Such tools will use data from the right location such as the weather patterns and other considerations like the tide, as well as the moon phases mixed with the feeding behavior to know the ideal time to fish for the ones that you would like to catch. There are several fishing calendar apps to choose from, these useful resources let you anticipate improved fish activity so you could plan your fishing trip well ahead of time or even find new or better places to try.

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