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8 Things You Need to Know Before Your Next Dolphin Watching Tour

dolphin tourDolphin watching tour will last for approximately 90 minutes. If you have young children, ensure that they get enough sleep before you go.

Our dolphin watching tour is a great option for families and friends looking to have a great time with their friends.

The crew is knowledgeable about dolphins and will make sure that everyone has a great time, especially children, on the dolphin boat ride. All tourists will have a lot of fun watching dolphins play in the ocean. Our captains are highly skilled sailors who will ensure your safety.

Dolphin Watching Tour

Our dolphin tours are available at three times slots:

  • Running Daily – 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Morning Trips –10:30 AM – 1:00 PM
  • Sunset Dolphin – 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

You have the option to choose which time slot best suits your needs.

These are our rates to take you on a 2-1/2 hours tour.

  • Adults $28
  • Children 3 -12 yrs $22
  • 2 & Under – Free

Private dolphin cruises are available for you and your friends if you need privacy. We are able to do many different events such as birthdays, reunions, wedding weekends and many other types. Just let us know your plans in advance to reserve your next adventure.

Comfortable clothes are important for the dolphin boat ride.

You should wear comfortable, humidity-friendly clothing during your dolphin watching tour in Myrtle Beach. This will allow you to stay warm while riding on the boat to see dolphins.

Make sure your children are wearing their life vests when you go on a dolphin tour Myrtle Beach.

Your underage children should wear life vests throughout the cruise. This is to make sure they are secure and safe. To avoid any unwanted falls, keep them away from the boat’s edges and don’t let them run around.

We have prepared lifejackets and lifebuoys for your safety while aboard the ship.

While on your dolphin watching tour, don’t forget to take photos.

We want you to not only remember the dolphin watching experience, but also to treasure a souvenir. We encourage you to take photos during the 90-minute boat ride.

You can ask our crew to take family photos or group photos.

Dolphins are social creatures so don’t be afraid to approach them.

Dolphins are among the most friendly creatures on the planet. Dolphins are a friendly and sociable species. They will show off their skills by displaying their aerial moves and breaching into the water. Dolphins enjoy playing, hunting, and raising their calves as a family.

Fun fact: Dolphins enjoy traveling with their ‘friends and ‘family. They travel with groups of 10-15 dolphins, called “pods”.

It is strongly discouraged that you swim with dolphins while on your dolphin boat cruise. Instead, enjoy their natural habitat and just watch them.

We encourage you to just watch these dolphins do their thing, and not swim with them. This is for the safety of both you and the dolphins. Federal law says it is against the law to “swim with dolphins”. This is because it puts stress on them when humans swim alongside them. This can lead to aggression and agitation from the marine mammals.

Please note that sonar devices should not be brought on the dolphin-watching tour.

All sonar devices (including depth sounders and fish finders) should be turned off during the dolphin boat ride. To prevent stress from affecting marine mammals, turn your phone on silent and disable the vibration option.

Photographs of dolphins and sea creatures should be taken without flash, as it can cause anxiety.

Our dolphin watching tours will be worth every penny. Sunshine Scenic Tours can help you book your first boat ride with dolphins.

We have the lowest rates, but we don’t compromise on the quality of your tour. We can also arrange private tours if required. To schedule your next dolphin cruise at Myrtle Beach, please contact us in advance.

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Dolphin Facts To Know On Your Next Myrtle Beach Dolphin Cruise

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to try something new. First experiences are not always bad. You might want to give a dolphin cruise a shot if it has been something that you have always wanted to do.

Dolphins are magnificent creatures of the sea. It can be thrilling to see them close up. Aside from the fact that they are cute sea creatures, not everyone knows much about dolphins. You have probably been considering a dolphin boat trip. Now is the time to find out more about these fascinating ocean mammals. Here are some facts about dolphins.

Dolphin Cruise Tips

Dolphins have names.

Dolphins, like humans have their own names. They are called whistles and calls. Each calves can distinguish the female dolphin’s call by hearing it differently. Like humans, they have their own identities. This was demonstrated by numerous studies where scientists recorded the whistles of dolphins and played them back to see if they responded to their “names”.

Dolphins are alert all the time

You may be curious if dolphins actually sleep. They do. They need to sleep 8 hours a night, but only one side of their brain is used at a time. Their left brain goes to sleep for 4 hours, while the right side sleeps for 4 more hours. Their brains are alert for predators and prey at all times. Half of them remain awake.

Dolphins get tanned.

This is another amazing dolphin fact. The skin color of a dolphin is different in summer and winter. In winter, they have a lighter skin tone. Their skin color darkens when it gets hot in summer.

Dolphins go into labor.

A female dolphin can go into labor for as little as twenty minutes, and as long at two hours. The dolphin’s twelve-month pregnancy is very long. One calf is given to each pregnancy. To avoid drowning, a baby dolphin emerges tail first.

Dolphins are intelligent.

This is not a secret, and it is one of the main reasons people take a dolphin cruise North Myrtle Beach. Evidence has even been found that dolphins can use tools. When bottom-feeding, they have been seen using sponges in the ocean to protect their snouts against injuries and predators such as stingrays.

Dolphins feel.

These dolphin facts will make you astonished at these magnificent sea creatures when you’re on charter boat tours. They are capable of feeling sadness, grief, affection, empathy and anger. Dolphins that are separated from their pods and caught by humans may attempt suicide. They may also grieve the loss of their parents.

Dolphins can see themselves in a mirror.

Another dolphin fact that proves how intelligent dolphins can be is this: Dolphins can also see themselves in mirrors, just like humans and apes. This is a sign of how sophisticated their brains can be. Studies show that dolphins recognize themselves at seven months of age, while humans recognize themselves at fifteen to eighteen years. This indicates that dolphins can be socially aware.

Dolphins are social.

Apart from their unique names, dolphins belong to other pods that have their own languages and cultures. They hunt together and share survival skills. They communicate and work together when hunting or eating food. They also care for each other when one of them is sick or elderly.

Dolphins are playful

Dolphins interact with their pod members. They can also interact with people. Dolphins can be aggressive when they sense danger or harm. It is best to avoid touching or feeding dolphins if you plan to take a dolphin boat trip.

Dolphins can move to other areas.

Dolphins are not migratory marine creatures. If they feel that their food supply is not sufficient, they will move with their pod to another place. They can feel the temperature change in the water. They will search for the perfect temperature and find it.

These are just a few reasons to go on a dolphin cruise. It will be a great experience to see these amazing creatures up close. You can also capture stunning photos that you can upload online. This is the perfect getaway for families.

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Why Should You Go on a Dolphin Tour?

dolphin tourYou Will Forget All Your Worries. You don’t need to think twice about riding on a dolphin cruise boat. Safety is the most important thing. The dolphin tour ensures that everyone has a great time. Safety personnel will also be onboard the cruise to make everyone feel at ease.

You will forget about your busy schedule and draining workload if you are having a hectic day. You will be able to just live in the moment once you can see the calm blue waters and feel that cool sea breeze on your face. You will also meet cute dolphins on your dolphin boat ride.

You can take stunning photos during a dolphin tour.

A North Myrtle Beach dolphin cruise is a great way to learn if you’re a photographer or frequent uploader on social media platforms. You may even be able capture the sunset from a dolphin boat ride if you are lucky. The dolphins are the main attraction of the tour.

You can capture dolphins in mid-air if they are feeling adventurous. If you are close enough to capture the moment and witness dolphins doing amazing leaps and dives, your social media followers will love it. It’s also a great time to capture a family picture that will be treasured.

You’ll Have the Most Amazing Time

Every age group can enjoy a boat ride to see dolphins. No matter your age, you’ll enjoy the experience. The captain and other crew will be able to provide fun trivia and information about the dolphins and place.

We can guarantee that you will have an unforgettable dolphin watch cruise and learn about dolphins. You might be offered refreshments or snacks to make your stay more comfortable.

You will see other wildlife and beautiful scenery

Many people don’t realize that dolphin watching tours are not just about dolphins. Another reason to take a dolphin boat trip is this. There are often beautiful estates that can be found along the coast that are worth photographing. There is also a chance that you might see other sea creatures. You might even see native birds flying high if you are lucky. This will encourage you to book a dolphin tour.

You will get good value for your money

It may seem costly to go on a dolphin cruise, but it is not. It will be a great experience that you won’t regret. It is certain that you and your family will have a great time if you’re with Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises.

It will be unforgettable from beginning to end. You’ll be back for more after your first dolphin boat ride. Everyone deserves a boat ride to see dolphins.

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Tips About Dolphins Before Your Dolphin Tours

dolphin toursKnowing what dolphin intelligence is gives valuable information that will reveal the reasons for their behaviour when you see them during dolphin tours. These cetaceans could conduct unusual activities within the animal world and do complex actions.

Tips To Enjoy Dolphin Tours

Active From Day to Night

Dolphins are active from day to night although they are mostly active during the morning and afternoon. You’ll see them in their usual playful self when you go on a dolphin trip with Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises. Whatever they do during the day depends on their habitat’s condition, the time of year, time of day, as well as the physical conditions of the dolphin’s bodies.

Sleeping Behavior

There’s a general uncertainty about how dolphins sleep, but following several studies, it was discovered that they do sleep but not like the way humans do. Because they need some level of conscious ness to get to the surface and breathe, one cerebral hemisphere remains active while the rest sleeps. But, dolphins in captivity have a different resting behaviour compared to wild dolphins because their blowhole are kept off the water and they don’t respond to light stimuli, having a much deeper sleep, maybe because they are not worried about predators in their tanks that may threaten them.

Travel Behavior

Some species are moving from one location to another in a nearly straight direction. You may see this during your dolphin cruises North Myrtle Beach. They could move alone or in the company of others, swimming on the water surface to save the energy created by the friction of the water on their submerged body, so they could orient themselves better or to remove the parasites in their skin. In case they’re resting, they will group tightly and they will surface often so they can breathe.

Feeding Behavior

The feeding activities of dolphins could be done in groups or individually, with cooperation with one another to capture bigger prey and more spending less energy. One unusual behaviour is when they “cough” so they could throw their food out. You might notice this behaviour when you go on a dolphin cruise.

Some dolphins show characteristics of culture development, considering this as a set of ideas, knowledge, beliefs, customs, as well as practices learned in the society, and then transmitted from one generation to another. This conclusion came to be after watching these cetaceans protect their snout from surfaces that rough using marine sponges and then later on their offspring also performed this; a trait that wasn’t inherited but transmitted from the parents to their offspring.

They Love To Play

In dolphin cruises Myrtle Beach, you’ll notice that these creatures that are known to be curious. They love playing with other dolphins and with objects, too. They like to jump to about 4.9 meters above the water surface and then fall either on their belly down or on their backs. They also follow of the waves of the bow or the stern of boats. Most dolphins play with each other by chasing one another.

They use objects and pass them to others to get their attention. They make bubbles in the water and then they also take the time to recreate themselves in the water. In some cases, the playful behaviour includes other dolphin species and animals including Risso’s Dolphins, pantropical spotted dolphins, pilot whales, and humpback whales.


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How to prepare for your dolphin cruise?

dolphin cruises Myrtle BeachWhat things do you need to bring when you go on dolphin cruises Myrtle Beach? This is the most common question asked by people who are planning to go on dolphin tour. There are a few things you need to bring to make your cruise much more enjoyable.

Dolphin Cruises Myrtle Beach Tips: What You Need To Bring


You need to capture great memories on the boat that you and your family will be looking at for several years. You will not only capture photos of dolphins and other wildlife but also get pictures that you can keep for the years to come. Aside from group pictures, which the crew members can help you take, there’s a photo op at the end of your trip for those who have kids. If the weather permits, the children can take pictures as if they are driving the private charter while wearing a captain’s hat to make wonderful picture of you and your kid.


While the boats have cover, the sun’s reflection off the water could be extremely bright and that’s why it’s best to protect your eyes by taking your sunglasses with you. Aside from that, you will also get a better view of the dolphins and wildlife if you are not squinting because of the sun’s brightness.


As mentioned earlier, boats have covers but the reflection of the water could create unexpected situations for a few people. It’s possible that you can still get sunburned during a cloudy day and that’s why you need to bring sunscreen with you.


You might find water bottles being sold on the boat but you can bring your own, too. If you decide to bring your own, just make sure that you don’t put it in a glass container.

What you need to wear?

You don’t have to wear swimwear if you go on dolphin cruises in North Myrtle Beach although there might be a small splash but it won’t be enough to get you wet. You should dress for the weather. It is generally a few degrees cooler when you’re out in the water compared to the temperature when you’re on land especially during the morning and evening dolphin tours. If you are worried about getting cold, you can always bring a jacket. You will find blankets and sweaters on the boat that you can use as required. You can also bring a hat with you.

Hopefully, these tips have provided you with a good idea of what you need to bring when you go on dolphin tours.


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Are you interested in going on a dolphin trip? There are several factors you need to consider when picking the right company and you need to make sure that you do this right if you want to have a wonderful experience. Listed below are a few things you need to ask before you make a decision.

What Kind Of Boat Are You Using?

The question is basically oriented for you to know if it is a boat or maybe an inflatable. It will also let you know how big the boat is, what is it made of, and the kind of motors the boat has. You also need to know if the boat is fitted with an emergency radio. In case the boat doesn’t match the description you got when you did your research, then you should think twice. If you feel something is off when the boat arrives, it is also best not to board it. The boat you will use for Myrtle Beach dolphin trip doesn’t have to be a big boat or even a yacht. However, you need to know ahead of time what you will get and where you will board.

How Long Will The Tour Last?

You need to ask your provider how long the tour will last. It is crucial not just for you to get what you’re paying for but also to let you know what special items you might need in case the tour is going to be extended. These include your food, sun protection, glasses, additional clothing, and more. In case the dolphin watching tour is longer than three hours, ask if there food and drinks are included, or if you need to bring your own.

Where Is The Tour Going?

It’s another crucial security measure that you have to know. Find out where the tour is going and inform the other members of your group. If everyone you are with want to come along to the dolphin tour Myrtle Beach, don’t forget to tell your hotel where you are going, the name of the company you hired like Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises and how long you think you will be away.

How Many People Will Attend The Dolphin Tours?

This questions is related to how big the boat is. In case the tour is shared with others, be sure that the boat is not overcrowded. In case the boat is an inflatable boat, take note of the number of people who will board the boat. Be sure to include crew members as a few companies take the boat’s boarding limit capacity but they have 5 members, which means they may exceed the limitations.

What Should You Expect To See?

This one is difficult but at least you’ll get some sort of commitment from the tour operator. Although you already know what you should see, the operator cannot guarantee that dolphins and whales will be at the same place daily. You have to know what your tour operators’ intentions are like if they plan to move to a new location.

How Much Will It Cost

You should also ask beforehand how much the dolphin watch tour will cost you and what else are included. This should be the last question you need to ask after you’ve asked them the previous questions. Don’t forget to ask for child price in case you are bring some kids along.

What Crew Is Going In The Trip?

Here’s where you should get more serious. Keep in mind that there are two types of tours, swimming with the dolphins and watching them only. Even though in both cases, you need to be careful about the crew, you have to take extra care always.

What Equipment Do You Have?

This question is an important one so don’t forget it especially if your dolphin tour includes swimming with the dolphins. If you are not taking your very own equipment, you should ask the operator about the condition as well as the kind of equipment you will get. Whether you are diving or watching only, you need to be sure that you have a life jacket. It should be just you but everyone who will board the boat.

Call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises if you are interested in going on a dolphin trip alone or with your family and friends. You may reach us at (910) 575-0111.

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What Should You Bring On A Dolphin Trip?

If you’re thinking of going on a dolphin trip but don’t know what to bring, then this post is for you. As you know, dolphin watching is an inexpensive way to have fun. To make sure that you have a memorable experience, you need to bring all the things needed for your trip.

Capture Your Dolphin Trip Experience In Photo

A quality camera is one of the essential items you need to bring when you’re going on a dolphin trip Myrtle Beach. You wouldn’t want to go home without anything to remember your experience. Dolphins are known to swim and jump fast and that means you need to set your camera properly before the trip so you can get the best photos. Try to use a single point focus and the sequence photo shoot setting, that way you could snap several photos at once without getting a blurry image. A standard smartphone can capture good photos but it’s better to use advanced cameras if possible.

What To Wear On Your Dolphin Trip

You need to check the weather at least two hours before your trip if you want to know what you should wear. The weather can change easily and that’s why it’s best to bring a light jacket or a sweater just in case. If it’s a beautiful sunny afternoon, then you should bring your sunhat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. If it’s chilly, wet, or breezy, then you should pack a jacket. You need to have a poncho if there’s a rainstorm. It’s not bad to wear too much clothing because you can always take of some of the layers during the cruise. Keep in mind to wear shoes that are non-skid because water will always find a way onto your ship. Don’t forget to bring simple items such as extra clothing, swimsuits, and towels for your dolphin watch experience.

Important Things To Remember

You can save more money if you bring some food for lunch and snacks, and some drinks too. Some cruises allow alcohol so don’t forget to ask first. You should also bring a pair of binoculars because even if dolphins are majestic creatures, they sometimes don’t cooperate. But with binoculars, you’ll be able to see dolphins up close. Bring Dramamine to avoid seasickness.

Call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises now if you’re thinking of going on a dolphin trip in Myrtle Beach.

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dolphin watchMyrtle Beach is one of the top beach destinations in the country and it never ceases to amaze its guests. For many years now, tourists have enjoyed their stay here and longed for various water activities such as riding the Jet Ski, deep sea fishing and a dolphin trip. These water activities are enough to keep you busy all throughout your stay here.

With lots of activities to indulge in, one spectacular method to delight in an afternoon in beautiful Myrtle Beach is to go on a dolphin cruise. The calm waters of Myrtle Beach are the home of a range of these stunning creatures and they are seen in abundance. A few of the dolphins you will stumble upon on your journey are the spinner dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. A few of them jumping in the air, a few of them swimming like the wind and some playing with each other. Aside from dolphins, you will also see sharks and other marine life.

When you book a dolphin watch trip on Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises, your journey will start when you cruise the Carolina Inland Waterways then head out the Atlantic Ocean. You will get to enjoy two and a half hours of dolphin watching which you and your family will surely love.

You can be sure that the journey is safe because Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises have watercraft that are USCG Licensed and Certified and equipped with the finest electronics and safety equipment. Dolphin watch Myrtle Beach run daily from Monday to Saturday. You can also avail of their morning trips and sunset dolphins trips.

Be sure to reserve a slot now and get to enjoy this wonderful water adventure with Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises.

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Dolphins are fantastic animals and many individuals are taking pleasure in viewing them when on vacation in Myrtle Beach, some are even fortunate enough to be able to swim with these gorgeous animals.

While many of us know that these animals are intelligent, there are more obscure realities about them which may surprise you. Knowing these facts will make your dolphin trip more enjoyable.

Dolphins Facts You Might Have Missed

Before you embark on a dolphin trip Myrtle Beach, take a look at the 10 little know facts about dolphins listed below; if you know over half, then you can consider yourself to be rather the expert!

  • Dolphins have feelings

Dolphins are known for their intelligence and their ability to experience a wide range of feelings. These mammals have been observed to show affection, disappointment, anger, and despair. Excellent trainers know how their dolphin pals are feeling.

  • Dolphins know how to use tools

Remarkably, dolphins can utilize objects to help them accomplish their goals. They have actually been seen putting ocean sponges on their snouts while bottom feeding, which prevents the dolphins from being hurt by sea anemones and stingrays

  • Dolphins are cooperative hunters

Dolphins have been known to hunt for food cooperatively, whether receiving help from others or lending a hand to fellow hunters. They have been observed dealing with sharks, birds and even people to herd schools of fish into tight groups. They can also collaborate, each taking turns to eat while the others help.

  • Dolphins have names

We know this due to the fact that female dolphins have a specific call for each of their calves, identifying one from the other. This relates to another dolphin fact: the animals have specific identities as humans do.

  • Labor for dolphins lasts as little as 20 minutes

Thankfully for female dolphins, delivery tends to last between 20 minutes and 2 hours. In spite of the amount of time it requires to give birth, nevertheless, the common length of pregnancy in dolphins is 12 months – a full 3 months longer than humans.

  • Dolphins can tan

The skin color of these animals changes from summertime to the winter season. During the winter months, when there is less sun, their skin is lighter, while the skin turns darker during the summer season.

  • Dolphins do not rest

Dolphins rest half of their brain at a time. This helps them to keep aware of prey and predators. If you are lucky, you will get the chance to see dolphins playing around on your dolphin watch.

  • Dolphins can recognize themselves in the mirror

Researchers have shown that dolphins are one of the only species to identify their own image, with the other species being human beings and apes.

  • Killer whales are from the same family

In spite of their name, killer whales are really part of the dolphin household.

  • Dolphins cannot breathe undersea

Dolphins use their blowholes to take in the air when they increase to the surface area. When delivering, they will do so close to the surface area and the infant will emerge tail first so that they do not drown.

Talking a dolphin cruise while on vacation in Myrtle Beach is one of the most memorable adventures your family can take. Call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises today to reserve your seat.

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You have been looking forward to this day. You decided to embark on a dolphin cruise adventure, and you’re trying to find some ideas about where to begin. Doing a little research before you plunge into the adventure may bring some beneficial results. In this guide, you are going to learn important suggestions each person or family on a dolphin cruise Myrtle Beach should know. But before proceeding, let’s learn the main differences between a dolphin and a porpoise.

People normally use the terms porpoises, whales and dolphins in describing marine mammals that belong to the order Cetacea, and use them often interchangeably. 

However, there are some differences between them.

Dolphins are far more prevalent when compared to porpoises. Majority of scientists are in agreement there are 32 dolphin species-and 5 closely related river dolphin species-while there are only 6 porpoise species.

The harbor porpoise, for example, has small pointed flippers, and no beak. Its dorsal fin is not only small but also has a triangle shape. The difference basically comes down to their fins, their figures, and their faces. Dolphins have prominent and “elongated “beaks” plus cone-shaped teeth. The curved or hooked dorsal fin of the dolphin differs also from the triangular dorsal fin of the porpoise. Basically, dolphins have leaner bodies while porpoise bodies are portly.

To communicate with each other underwater, dolphins make whistling sounds via their blowholes, while scientists are quite certain porpoises don’t do this. Simply speaking, dolphins are more talkative than porpoises.

The wild winter weather has made it a great time to take advantage of a dolphin cruise Myrtle Beach. Below are a few tips to help you prepare for your trip.

Guide To Your Myrtle Beach Dolphin Cruise Adventure 

  1. Choose the right time for you

When you are a morning person, perhaps a 10 am dolphin watch at Myrtle Beach is going to be appropriate for you. You can spend the rest of the day for other thrilling activities in Myrtle Beach, like a deep sea fishing trip. You can also decide to go for an afternoon dolphin cruise.

  1. Bring the Right Apparel

The clothing should reflect the adventures you’re intending to take part in. For example, for a dolphin adventure, you must be sure that your clothing is both light and comfortable.

  1. Bring Along Right Equipment

This is a good idea to keep in mind for any Myrtle Beach traveler. You will see several compelling sights along your Dolphin cruise tour. Therefore, come with your camera-preferably a waterproof one. You may also need to take your video camera to share those exciting memories at home with your friends and loved ones or on Facebook. You may record all this on your mobile phone. However, it might not be as accurate as a video recorder or a camera.

  1. Listen to Your Guide

Remember that any trip which involves wildlife, your guide is a professional who has in his mind your best interest. They want you to have an exciting dolphin cruise in Myrtle Beach, and it is their job also to safely see you through. Following their instructions is going to make sure they successfully perform their duties and help in providing everybody the most exciting trip possible.

Now you can relax and enjoy your Myrtle Beach dolphin cruise! Give us a call today to book your adventure.

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