Reasons to Take Your Kids Fishing

You give your child a fish and you will feed him for a whole day. You can teach your child how to fish and you will feed him for the rest of his life. Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises is all about bonding with your child in creative ways. Fishing is a wonderful pastime!

It is the best reason to go fishing with your child. We offer a few more for your consideration. Fishing is a great way to teach your child life skills and lessons that will be useful throughout his or her entire life.

Reasons To Take Your Kids On A Fishing Trip

1. Patience

Even the most mature people find it difficult to remain still for extended periods of time. This is doubly true for children. It is not easy to keep a child calm and quiet. Fishing in Myrtle Beach is a great way for children to learn patience.

Instant gratification has become almost a way to live in our modern world. Our children can have almost anything they want whenever they want. They spend too much time staring at screens, clicking and pointing at whatever interests them. Too many never discover the joy of anticipation.

Going out with your children fishing for an afternoon will teach them to wait and slow down. It is the struggle that makes success sweet.

2. Respect for Mother Earth

In our modern, sheltered lives, it’s easy for us to forget that Mother Earth can be brutal and powerful. It is easy to think that we are the masters of our environment because of our arrogance. We forget how small we are in a balanced ecosystem.

Take your children fishing with you. Let them see all that Mother Nature has to give. You should also teach your children how dangerous Mother Nature can be. Respect for Mother Nature’s amazing power is an important trait.

3. Love For The Outdoors

Genuine love is the next step after respect. It is even more disappointing for people to not show respect for nature and forget to love the planet.

The beauty of the Earth is amazing. The beauty around us is a gift that can only be appreciated by those who are able to appreciate it. There are so many things to see and do; so many landscapes, climates, and natural wonders.

Encourage your children to be awestruck by the beauty all around them. The calm and tranquillity of the waters are something to be emphasized. Encourage them to observe the graceful swimming of fish. Encourage their appreciation for all that the planet has to offer.

4. Creativity

Puzzles and games are a favorite among kids. These games are great for exercising the brain. It’s a win-win situation if you can teach your child innovation and have fun with it.

Charter fishing requires you to use your brain. Fish are clever and skilled, and water can be difficult. Your child will love fishing if you teach them to see it as a puzzle.

5. Imagination

If you are following the path of creativity, imagination is the next step. Children spend too much time staring at screens these days, as we have already discussed. Modern children experience a loss of imagination, which is one of the most unfortunate side effects.

Ask any 35-year-old and they’ll tell you that the majority of their childhood was spent outside. Most likely, they spent a lot of their childhood on the water with a fishing rod in hand. Fishing takes patience and endurance. However, it allows you to stretch your imagination.

Your child will be able to use their imagination and spend more time outside if they aren’t distracted by technology. It’s just like any other thing: if you don’t use it you lose it.

6. The satisfaction that comes from a hard day’s work

Children don’t have many chances to see a job through to the end. They don’t get the sense of satisfaction from knowing that they did a good job.

Even though the end is not as perfect as expected, it is still a sweet achievement. Children can learn to fish by following a task from start to finish. Sometimes, it’s easy to just grab a few fish and reel. Sometimes it can be a struggle and you have to eat only small bites throughout the day.

Help them to understand that they would only fail if they decide to give up.

7. Preparedness

Fishing isn’t difficult. It can be easy if you have the right preparations. Despite the ease of the process, it is not a guarantee of success. Much depends on luck.

Although you cannot force the fish to bite, you can teach your kids the importance of being prepared. Your ability to prepare your gear and supplies will determine the success of your fishing trip. Your children can help you prepare everything. Include them in the cleanup and setup.

8. Fun!

Remember that the fun part is what matters most! Deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach should be an opportunity to have fun and bond with your children. You will miss the fun of fishing if you make it a chore or a task you have to do.

Fishing is a wonderful way to show your children how to appreciate the small things in life. Fishing is a great way to teach your children how to fish. These moments are fleeting.

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deep sea fishing

Is Deep Sea Fishing Worth It?

The long rainy days of the Pacific Northwest to the hot humid days of South Carolina make you dream about going on a fishing trip. Is deep sea fishing worth it? Here are a few things you need to know. Deep sea fishing in the right location can be an exciting adventure with an experienced guide. You will be able to fish in beautiful locations and catch many fish, making it a thrilling adventure.

To get the best value for your money, do your research before you sign up for a charter. You will have a better experience if you spend more time researching the location where you would like to fish.

What is the cost of fishing charters?

The old saying “you get what you pay for” is true. While you know your budget well, deep sea fishing guides can cost more than just a few fillets. You need to choose a reliable charter service that has well-maintained equipment, and experienced guides.

A 1/2 Day Fishing Trips with a professional Myrtle Beach deep sea fishing guide costs about $200.00 for adults for private charter fishing. You can save considerable money if you choose a large group option.

Do not be afraid to contact several companies and inquire about the perks they offer that are different from their competitors. Make a list of your questions and concerns. You should consider the company that provides you with the most answers. Next, you need to look for unbiased reviews so that others can comment on the trip’s value.

What Should You Bring On Your Fishing Trip?

Good charter fishing guides will give you all the information you need to catch fish.


It is important to dress properly and have multiple layers. This will ensure you are comfortable from beginning to end. Even in tropical locations, abrupt drops in temperature can occur far away from shore.

Here’s my list of essential clothing items:

  • Wear lightweight pants and a shirt. Protect yourself against the sun and bugs.
  • Windbreaker. When cruising from shore, sea spray can be a great way to get a cold start in the mornings.
  • Hat. To keep the sun from burning your skin, always wear a hat. A full-brimmed hat is also a good choice. Make sure the strap is secure so it doesn’t get lost in the wind.
  • Comfortable shoes that have good traction. Comfortable shoes with good traction are essential for all your boating activities.
  • Pants and jackets that are waterproof. You can get nastiest storm clouds out of nowhere, and you don’t need to worry about the rain.
  • Keep a spare set of clothes with you in case you need them. Your vehicle’s seat cushions will be appreciated for being able to remove slime-covered clothes.

Food and personal items

It is not easy to spend a day on the water in the blazing sun while fighting fish larger than a grown man. Packing right is key to protecting and reviving your energy.

  • Polarized sunglasses. It’s fun to see fish in the water. However, sun glare can also cause eye damage.
  • Lip balm
  • Sunscreen. Even on cloudy days, sunburns can still be possible. If possible, wear long sleeves and use sunscreen frequently.
  • You should drink plenty of water. Even in wet conditions, it is easy to become dehydrated while fishing. Keep hydrated by drinking water between each catch.
  • Snacks and lunch. Super Voyager has a galley, however, you can bring you own snacks and lunch.
  • Medications. You should avoid sea sickness. Before I go out, I take Dramamine.
  • Cooler. You will end up with lots of meat after a good fishing day. Keep a cooler handy to bring your catch home for dinner.
  • Water tight bag. When not in use, keep your gear dry by packing it in a water-tight bag.
  • Camera. It will be a memorable experience. Take lots of photos and take great action shots.
  • Use hand wipes to clean your hands. It’s always nice to be able to remove fish slime from your hands prior to eating.
  • First aid kit. You can get minor cuts and abrasions from hooks, sharp fins, and line-peeling fights. Although most boats have first aid, it is easier to treat minor injuries yourself.

Are there bathrooms on charter boats?

Many charter boats with larger capacity have bathrooms. However, smaller vessels don’t. If your group is concerned about fishing on boats without a toilet, it’s a good idea that you check with the guide before booking.

Is deep sea fishing dangerous?

Deep sea fishing is safe if you take the necessary precautions. Unpredictable weather is the main danger when you venture out onto large open waters. A deep sea charter captain who is experienced should be able to recognize when it is best to cancel a trip due to dangerous weather conditions.

Precarious situations can lead to injuries from sharp hooks, crowded boats and powerful fish. Accidents can happen, even with all the safety precautions in place. Listening to your captain and guides is the best way to keep safe.

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Hot Weather Boating and Summer Fishing Tips

The heat, bluebird skies and sudden thunderstorms can make fishing in the summer months difficult. The weather is usually beautiful, which makes it ideal for relaxing on the beach or getting a tan. If you don’t have the right knowledge, you might not be able to fish in these conditions. Although July and August have been the hottest months in South Carolina, the fishing can still be excellent if you plan your trips well.

When Is The Best Time To Go Fishing?

The best time to deep sea fishing is in the morning and the evening. Fish won’t eat as well due to the higher water temperatures at mid day.

Low oxygen levels. Throwing artificial baits at the first light is one of the many things I like to do with our clients. We cover the ground for approximately an hour, then switch to live or cut bait. You can find a lot of Snook on beaches, passes and coastal docks. They should stay there until the water temperatures drop.

Redfish prefer live or cut pinfish as their bait of choice. Trout can still be caught, but it can be difficult to find them. Use a free-lined greenback to find a mixture of grass and sand bottom. If you need to go deeper, add a pinch weight. An area with plenty of fry bait is a good option.

What Is The Best Fishing Method?

Deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach is the best and most enjoyable way to fish. The targeted species include cobia, sharks, mangrove snapper, Mackerel, and grouper. They can all be found throughout the bay. For the next few weeks, late season Tarpon would be in the  artificial reefs, and shipping channels as a refuge to feed and then seek shelter. If the fish are active during stronger tides, you can use a live Threadfin Herring and large Pilchard.

The Mangrove Snapper bite, on the other hand is at its peak. Many areas in the ocean hold fish up to 5lb. Mixing live and dead pilchards worked perfectly. A few chum bags from the store and some shrimp should suffice. You can also use a 1/4″ net to catch your own bait. Make sure you have enough live pilchards for fishing. You can fill a small cooler full of dead bait, and then anchor it on one the bay’s artificial reefs marked or on your favorite rock pile.

To fool picky eaters, I use dead baits and then small cut and live baits. The Spanish Mackerel is a common sight, often pushing the Snappers back to the bottom. A healthy bottom is indicated by a lot of Mackerel and Snappers. There may also be some groupers.

Even though it can get very hot, we still catch plenty of fish especially when we go deep sea fishing. We also keep our rods bent by changing when, where and for what purpose we fish. You should always bring water and sun protection, especially if it is not a regular activity. As always, be aware of the weather. Summer thunderstorms can be quite severe!

Voyager charter fishing provides all the bait and a rod if needed. Our captains know where the fish are biting any time of the year. 

Call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises now if you are planning to go on a fishing trip in Myrtle Beach.

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dolphin cruise

Tips When Going on a Dolphin Tour

There are things you need to do to make sure that you enjoy your dolphin tour. Here are a few things you need to know.

How To Enjoy Your Dolphin Tour

1. Find The Best Tour

Planning is key to having a great time. You want to make your trip as memorable as possible. It is also important to consider the time of day that you will be going. Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises offers the best dolphin cruise in Myrtle Beach.

2. Ask The Right Questions

Asking the right questions will help you put together everything you need for the dolphin tour in Myrtle Beach. You should first ask what you can wear to a dolphin cruise. Also, ask about any accessories you may need to make your trip as comfortable as possible like sunglasses or beach hats.

3. Be Aware Of The Policies For Larger Boats

You need to be familiar with their policies in order to know what to do especially in case of an emergency. It’ll help make sure that you’ll enjoy a memorable trip with your family and friends.

You will be able to quickly resolve any problems faster if you are familiar with the policies imposed when you go on a dolphin cruise. These policies will be explained to passengers before they board the boat to see the dolphins.

4. Don’t Be Rude To The Crew

It is important to remember that not all trips are exclusive only for you and your family. There will also be others who will be joining you on the dolphin tour. The needs and questions of each passenger will be attended to by every crew member.

It is important to realize that they may not always be able to accommodate you immediately. You can still be confident that they will be professional and friendly.

Are you looking for an exclusive dolphin tour in Myrtle Beach? Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises can help you make it happen.

5. Respect The Sea

It is a rule that you should not throw garbage into the ocean while on a dolphin tour. You can just keep it in your pocket or purse, no matter how small.

Anything that isn’t clean can cause damage to dolphins or other sea creatures. You should not behave rudely or cause harm to others on the cruise.

6. Do Not Feed Or Touch The Dolphins

You should not touch or feed dolphins, no matter how cute they are. Ask the captain or crew if you have any questions.

Although dolphins are magnificent sea creatures, they may treat you as dangerous. You should not touch or feed them unless you have been advised otherwise.

7. Have Fun

Enjoy your dolphin cruise. Photograph the scenery and dolphins. You can request the crew to take photos of you.

Aside from that, you’ll also learn a lot about the sea and dolphins. Both the captain and crews will share everything they know.

8. Do Not Be Afraid Of The Dolphins

Wild dolphins performing tricks are always fun to watch. Dolphins love to display their impressive leaps and dives. It is normal to feel uncomfortable when you see dolphins close up, especially if this is your first time going on a dolphin cruise.

There is no reason for you to fear dolphins, especially if they are not being fed, touched, or harmed in any way. If you spot a dolphin near the boat, the crew can give tips on what you can do. Keep in mind, however, that you must keep your distance if you’re on your own.

These things will make your dolphin cruise experience more enjoyable for you, your friends and your family members. Although it may seem redundant, being prepared will ensure that everyone has a wonderful time.

Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises can offer you the best dolphin cruise experience. Book with us now. Our team is eager to help you.

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12 Must-Have Items for Your Next Dolphin Tour

Water adventures are always exciting and fun. Spending time with family and friends, chat and relax while the waves move below you. A dolphin tour is a great way to enjoy the ocean and has many surprises and adventures.

It is important to prepare for your dolphin adventure. There are many things you need to remember in order to make the most of your experience. It is important to do extensive research on what you can expect from the trip. You will have a more enjoyable and comfortable experience if you prepare well.

These are 12 things you should bring on your next dolphin tour.

1. Camera

It is essential to capture and keep every adventure that you remember. A camera is essential for any dolphin cruises in Myrtle Beach. You should have it with you all day. Your camera will capture many unique moments that you won’t forget.

2. Water

Even though you’ll be in the water all day, it is important to have your own water. Although there may be water available on the dolphin cruise boat for purchase, it is better to bring your own water and save money than buying water on the boat. You can stay hydrated all day.

3. Sunblock

The dolphin cruises in North Myrtle Beach lasts for one whole day. You need to be prepared and protect your skin against sunburn. Even though there are many shaded areas on the boat the sun can still reflect on the water and cause sunburn. You should still apply sunblock to your skin, even if it is cloudy. Sunburns can still occur in windy conditions.

4. Sunglasses

Although there are many covers and shades for the boat, the sun can still cause skin and eye damage. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from the sun’s rays by protecting them. Sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from the sun’s rays but also give you a better view of the dolphins and water even on brightest days.

5. Hats

You must now be aware of the importance of sun protection. It is essential to cover your head with hats and other protective gear when you are outdoors on a sunny day. You can avoid sunburns and keep your head cool while on vacation.

6. Sweater or jacket

Don’t forget to bring your jacket or sweater. It’ll help protect you from both heat and cold. You can bring an extra layer of clothing if you don’t have a sweater or jacket.

7. Towel

You may have the opportunity to swim with dolphins on some cruises. You can expect to get wet throughout the day. To prevent your body from getting cold, bring extra towels.

8. Swimwear

The next question to answer is how to dress for a dolphin cruise. You can meet with the tour guide to discuss the itinerary and how you should prepare. You should bring swimwear and clothes that you can wear while swimming with dolphins if that is an option. Here in Myrtle Beach there is a danger of sharks, so swimming with the dolphins will not be offered.

9. Additional Clothes

Extra clothes should be packed for any trip, regardless of whether you expect to get wet. It is better to bring more clothes than you think you will need, as you never know when you might need them.

10. Power Bank or Charger

It is a good idea to have extra batteries in case you need them for cameras and mobile phones. To be ready in an emergency, bring a battery charger or power bank.

11. Life Jackets

Even though this tour will provide life jackets, you are welcome to bring your own, especially if you have children. They may not be able to fit into some life jackets so it is better for them to have their own.

12. Hunger for Adventure

You have all the information you need for the dolphin cruise. Now you will need your curiosity and adventure. You should be excited for the many amazing sights you will see. Bring your curiosity and thirst for learning more about nature and the ocean.

Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises offers the best dolphin tours in Myrtle Beach. We are always ready to give you a memorable experience.

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Plan a Deep Sea Fishing Trip With Your Dad For Father’s Day

Spending time with dad on Father’s Day is something that’s more memorable and exciting more than anything else. It can be difficult to find the right gift for dad. You might not want to give your dad a new tie, and even though you may consider giving him a camping gear, it is unlikely that he will use it soon. Why not take your dad, and the whole family on a deep sea fishing trip to Myrtle Beach this year?

Why Take Your Dad On A Deep Sea Fishing Trip?

Whether they are a local or visiting Myrtle Beach on vacation, fishing trips offer a great way to bond with your dad and not have to worry about any interruptions in your day. You don’t need to worry about work or child care while you are on the boat together. It’s easy to just have a great time with your dad. You and your dad will enjoy a memorable fishing trip together.

Send the most memorable invitation to your dad. If your dad is willing to help with a project it will be easy to surprise him by taking him fishing in Myrtle Beach. You could ask your dad to help you with things you can’t do by yourself. You can tell him how difficult the job is, but don’t go too far. He might not show up. Let him know that everything is in order once he arrives.

It is also important to plan everything down to the smallest detail. The drive to Myrtle Beach for deep sea fishing is half the fun. Don’t rush it. You can take your dad to breakfast if you travel early. Play your dad’s favorite songs while driving and make sure you have a hot cup of coffee ready before you set off on the open road.

Give him the right gear. Give your dad thoughtful gifts to help him improve his fishing skills. Make sure to have his favorite fishing rod and reel on hand. You can also purchase him gear that he will enjoy. There are many shops that you can visit. If you’re unsure what to buy, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Or you can use the fishing equipment provided by Voyager Deep Sea Fishing Charters.

Finish the  day right. After the sun sets and the deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach is over, you can have a drink with dad or just talk about the day.

Relax and enjoy the ride. It has taken a lot of effort and time to prepare for this special day. Make sure your dad has a great time. Enjoy every moment. Don’t check your phone or go online. Spend quality time with your dad and leave your phone at home. You never know what you might learn about your father. You may just discover something new about him that you didn’t know before. Your fishing trip will leave you with many fond memories.

If you’re looking to book a fishing trip for your dad on Father’s Day, call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises.

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Three Reasons to Plan a Dolphin Cruise This Summer

You must include a Myrtle Beach dolphin tour into your vacation, no matter if you are visiting Myrtle Beach on a weekend or for extended periods of time. Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises is the name to trust if you are thinking of going on a dolphin trip. Dolphin cruise is a must-do on any vacation, no matter how old or young you are.

It’s an incredible experience to witness the dolphins leaping from the water, and have all your questions answered by our experts. You’ll love the experience, no matter if you’re a first-timer or an experienced guide for dolphin cruise in Myrtle Beach. If you’re able to get a seat on one our early morning trips out to sea, take it! Dolphins are most active during the morning hours.

These are the top three reasons you should plan for a  dolphin cruise this summer.

It’s more than just photos

Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises understands that dolphin play and squeaky talking are what draws you to see them up close. However your trip with Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises is more than just photos of dolphins. Every dolphin cruise in Myrtle Beach features an expert, who will provide a story-telling experience that includes historical facts, fascinating facts about dolphins, as well as other details about ocean wildlife. We want you not only to see the dolphins but also to learn about them. We include dolphin facts in every tour, from their language and sleeping habits to their eating habits to threats to their home.

See Other Creatures

You should be prepared for more than dolphins. There are many other sea creatures that live in the ocean, and you will likely see some of them as you sail through the waters. This cruise, while being called a “dolphin tour”, is filled with ocean wildlife. You’ll be able to see the ocean, including sharks and sea turtles. You can capture moments when fish and other marine life swim alongside the boat with your camera.

It Turns Into A Tradition

We know that you will return to dolphin cruises after your first experience. The dolphin tour is a great family activity. It can be done in a short time or for a week in Myrtle Beach. The dolphins are a joy to watch, and the adults will enjoy the thrill. Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises is certain that you will love the dolphin tour and want to go back for more. We can help you plan a dolphin cruise, fishing trip, or rent jet skis to go shark fishing.

Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises will give you the opportunity to create unforgettable memories and explore new ways of enjoying the ocean. Book your trip now by contacting us.

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Fishing in Myrtle Beach should be on top of your list if you’re thinking of going on a vacation in Myrtle Beach this coming Memorial Day weekend, you will have a wonderful time.

Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises offers the best fishing trips for your family and friends.

Go on Fishing in Myrtle Beach

You should plan your fishing Memorial Day trip ahead of time. You can choose from various vessels to cater for you and all those who want to go with you on your trip. Headboat fishing is offered to people who would like to go on a trip with a group and catch sea bass or sharks. The rates you need to cover include license coverage, tackle, bait, manual reel, and rod. You can travel up to 15 miles offshore for half a day fishing adventure that provides you with a real fishing adventure.

Inshore fishing in Myrtle Beach allows you to fish for spadefish, bluefish, flounder, redfish, black sea bass, sharks, and mackerel. The captain will bring you up to 5 miles offshore to fish in local reefs. He will also guide and bring you to the relaxing sheltered waters. Fishing license coverage, tack, bait, reels, and rods are included.

Engage in Watersports

Renting a jet ski is among the top choices of people who want to enjoy an adrenaline rush. You can explore the water while riding a jet ski. You can also go on a dolphin trip to experience the amazing beauty of these sea creatures.

If you’re going out with your entire family, you can visit a floating water park that comes with slides, trampolines, and diving boards while swimming. It’s the perfect activity for people of all ages. If you’re traveling with just a small group of people, you should spend an hour with other vacationers who want to have fun. Paddleboarding is another option that you need to try. It’s a fun sport that you will enjoy.

You can also relax by going on a scenic tour in the beautiful waters of Myrtle Beach. Kayak tours are available and you’ll be assisted by a local naturalist. Most tours last for two hours and you’ll get up close and personal to the beautiful beach and the area’s ecosystem. Whether you’re a newbie or experienced in kayaking, you’ll definitely enjoy this tour. You can also go on a dolphin tour and experience the most intelligent and friendliest inhabitants of the ocean.

Call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises now if you’re thinking of going on a fishing Myrtle Beach trip this coming Memorial Day weekend.


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dolphin watch

Plan A Dolphin Watch Cruise On Your Myrtle Beach Summer Vacation

dolphin watchDolphins is one of the world’s most amazing sea creatures. As much as we want to know more about them, dolphins too, seem to be curious about us and many of them are seen as playful and friendly. They are even considered as bringers of good luck. Visitors to Myrtle Beach especially those who come for their summer vacation are becoming more enamored with dolphins and that is why local skippers as well as captains are more than happy to offer dolphin watch cruises who wish to have an unforgettable experience during their stay. Dolphin watch cruises differ in the duration, size of vessel, time of day, and the cost. So be sure to plan your dolphin watch cruise if you are planning to go on one during your Myrtle Beach summer vacation.

Dolphins love to swim in the warm waters of Myrtle Beach and that means your chances of seeing lots of them during your cruise in the summer months is very high. There are many local companies that offer boat trips, kayaking, and even parasailing adventures for tourists to see the beauty of dolphins.

Don’t forget to bring warm clothes. Although it will be warm and nice on the shores of Myrtle Beach, you might still feel cold on the water as you go on the cruise. Don’t forget to bring a windbreaker or sweater so you can stay warm throughout the trip.

Now, not all people are made for life on the sea. If you are among those who get motion sickness, you have to plan in advance and take some medication that can help manage this during your trip. If you take  Dramamine for instance, this needs to be done at least an hour before you go on a trip. A small tip, smaller boats cause motion sickness more than bigger boats.

Don’t forget to bring your camera. Once you see a dolphin, snap a photo immediately. You may also take videos of your dolphin sightings. You’d want to show these to your family, friends and eve coworkers while you share wonderful memories about your dolphin watch cruises Myrtle Beach.

A few reminders that you need to remember. You should listen to the captain or tour guide who will be joining you during your dolphin watch cruise. They will be sharing information about the latest sightings and what you should be looking for in case you are having difficulties spotting them. Also, if you see dolphins up close, you might be tempted to touch them. Keep in mind that they are wild sea creatures with sensitive skin so it is best to just keep your hands to yourself.

Finally, have lots of fun during your dolphin adventure cruise. The best way to have an enjoyable and memorable vacation is to make sure you plan ahead. It is never too early to plan your activities for the upcoming summer vacation. The best time to do this is now. 

dolphin watchAbsolute Sea Adventure with Myrtle Beach Dolphin Watch Tour

The South Carolina coastline, especially in Myrtle Beach, belongs to a large and continuous beach stretch known as the Grand Strand. In 1936, Myrtle Beach, a man-made island was separated from the coastline by the Intracoastal Waterway. Nevertheless, the water is clear and wild animals abound. It offers the best experience for a sea adventure such as jet ski, private charter fishing, and dolphin trips.

Dolphin watch Myrtle Beach is one of the most preferred tourist attractions among adventure cruisers. In some places, the autumn and winter season, while not as inviting to the tourist, provide plenty of possibilities to see dolphins due to their migration southward for the wintertime. In Myrtle Beach, you will be able to see dolphins any time of the year. Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises in Myrtle Beach offers dolphin watch trips daily.

Myrtle Beach Sea Adventure

In Myrtle Beach, you can also go on an adventure cruise ship to appreciate a day loaded with snorkeling or shelling. Watercraft cruise through the South Carolina Inland Waterways then to the Atlantic Ocean. In those areas, expect to see various sea creatures including flounder, black sea bass, sharks, and dolphins among others. Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises offers more than just Dolphin watch tour, you can also avail of the private charter fishing and other boat trips. It is the ultimate offshore fishing experience.  

Generally, cruise ships in Myrtle Beach can accommodate anywhere from 30 to 50 individuals although you could rent a private charter watercraft among buddies for a number of hours. Rates vary according to numbers, if you are a grownup or kid, and they commonly provide you with a life vest, snorkel tools, and other devices.

If you want to know what sea adventure suits you and your family best, you can check online for the rates and activities lined up for you. Make certain that whatever charter watercraft you ride on has all the needed security tools defined by the US Coast Guard. Ensure that the watercraft, as well as the captain, are both USCG Licensed and Certified. The Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises treats aboard, drinks, restrooms, and also are handicap available yet it’s a good idea to call in advance to ensure if unique holiday accommodations could be made.

Start planning your dolphin watch cruise for your Myrtle Beach summer vacation. Call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises if you want to know more.

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Just how do you prepare for a family fishing trip? An easy means to start is to discover when is the correct time to go. This can be conveniently done by discovering a number of kinds of fish and also the different fishing periods. When you have chosen your days, you might want to choose where you will be staying, taking a trip, and even the food menu.

Guide to A Fun Family Fishing Trip

Planning the fishing trip with family

Any Myrtle Beach fishing trip with friends and family can provide a memorable experience. It is essential to make sure that everyone has an excellent vacation. An easy point to remember is to have every person participate in the preparation and also the jobs required. Everyone can help, by chipping in for their share of the cost, deciding what charter boat to take, the length of the fishing trip and what drinks and snacks to take.

Take into consideration dividing the preparation into various tasks that your family and friends might take pleasure in doing one job specifically. Your uncle might enjoy checking out the travel guide in order to decide if you are going out into the ocean or staying inland along the waterway. Your mom might enjoy packing a lunch. Your good friend can delight in buying a fishing pole and other supplies. As you find out what they enjoy doing, preparing comes to be less complex for you and helps provide the entire team with a better possibility to have a more enjoyable deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach.

Checking out the camping area or cabin

You have the choice to rent out a cabin or go to a camping area if you do not like to stay in the resort. There are several nearby lakes, waterways, and also the sea. A comfy location to enjoy nature is by leasing a cabin. You can be close to the water, to obtain a very early start in the early morning to fish. 

One more accommodations alternative is a camping area. Camping areas are usually close to bodies of water. They cost much less as well as give you a distinct experience of resting under the starlight. When you remain at a camping site, you can obtain a closer experience of nature.

Preparing your fishing equipment and supplies

Recognizing what supplies to bring for your fishing trip is necessary. Additional things such as windbreakers, sunscreen, as well as fishing gear, might be essential depending upon the sort of location you are intending to fish. On top of that, the kind of fish you are going after, length of the trip, as well as added things that you want to do such as binoculars for dolphin watching, directly affects what supplies you will br taking.

Preparing for assistance

To help you prepare effectively, the Internet is a hassle-free as well as a quick method to discover a thorough fishing guide. Your angling research ought to consist of useful, understandable info on different kinds of fish, best time to fish and supplies to take. 

Call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises if you are interested in booking a fishing charter for your upcoming fishing trip in Myrtle Beach.

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