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Offshore Fishing: The Best Time to Go

offshore fishing

offshore fishing Offshore fishing is a type of saltwater fishing where people venture deep into the sea to catch large fish. Exciting fish like yellowfin tuna, striped marlin, redfish, striped bass, and Spanish mackerel are the prized catches.

Fishermen travel far from the shore in pursuit of these big fish. However, besides the location, the timing of your private charter trip is crucial. Let’s explore the ideal times to embark on a fishing expedition.

The best time to go offshore fishing

When the tide is ebbing

During the transition from high tide to low tide, you experience an ebbing tide. Fishing during the two hours leading up to low tide is typically fruitful.

When the tide is rising

A rising tide occurs as the transition goes from low tide to high tide. Some argue that fishing during this period may not be optimal due to the strong currents, but others believe it’s excellent because it makes the game fish more active. Fishing two hours before high tide is a favorable choice.

Moon phases

Fishing is influenced by moon cycles, affecting light and tides. Although opinions differ, many suggest that fishing during a full moon is not ideal. The ample moonlight makes smaller fish vulnerable to larger ones. However, some argue that this can lead to catching larger fish. Generally, the period considered best for fishing is three days before and after a full moon when tides are more active.


Different fish species are active during various seasons. Some thrive in winter, some in summer, and some remain active year-round. Tailor your fishing trip according to your desired catch.

offshore fishing Time of day

Sunrise and sunset are prime fishing times. The hour before and after these events can yield abundant catches. Night fishing between 9 pm and 3 am can also be productive.

Remember, fishing success depends not only on timing but also on your skill and luck. Regardless of the time of day, if you lack the necessary skills and luck, your catch may not meet your expectations.

Enjoy your fishing trip, whether you haul in a bounty or a modest catch. The more you fish, the luckier you’ll become over time.

Ideal Places for Offshore Fishing

If you’re eager to embark on another deep sea fishing adventure, consider Myrtle Beach.

South Carolina’s waters offer endless possibilities for fishing enthusiasts, whether you prefer offshore, nearshore, or inshore experiences. Just 10 miles off the coast, you’ll find exceptional offshore fishing opportunities. Here, you can reel in a diverse range of fish, from porgy and shark to black sea bass and Spanish mackerel.

Trolling through these pristine waters may even lead to exciting catches like mahi mahi and barracuda. For those seeking bigger challenges, venture a bit farther and you might discover new and impressive species. If you’re interested in a guided fishing adventure, consider checking out Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises for an expert-led experience.

Offshore fishing in Myrtle Beach is a thrilling and rewarding pursuit for anglers. There’s a world of fantastic places waiting for your fishing adventures.

Get ready and plan your next fishing trip now! Call Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises now.

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