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Is Deep Sea Fishing Worth It?

deep sea fishing

deep sea fishingMany people wonder if deep sea fishing is worth the effort and expense, considering the time, cost, and the possibility of not catching anything substantial. Here are some reflections after experiencing seven fishing charter trips, both private and public, from a neutral standpoint.

Living in an area with diverse fishing options, including freshwater lakes and nearby saltwater fishing charters, the author decided to explore deep sea fishing a few years ago. The motivation stemmed from a lack of interest in boat ownership, as the popular saying goes, “The two happiest days in a boat owner’s life are the day they buy the boat and the day they sell it,” often humorously referred to as “bust out another thousand.”

Outdoor activities in nature, be it Myrtle Beach fishing, hiking, or camping is fun. Fishing, in particular, offers a chance to connect with the environment, relax, clear one’s mind, and fully enjoy the present moment. The act of catching fish is a welcome bonus; even an unsuccessful fishing trip beats a day spent in an office.

So, the question remains: is deep-sea fishing worth it

Should You Go Deep Sea Fishing?

For individuals seeking the opportunity to catch a variety of substantial game fish without the responsibilities and costs associated with owning a boat, deep sea fishing offers an attractive proposition. Depending on one’s frequency of participation, the overall cost can be relatively reasonable. Let’s break it down further.

When embarking on an offshore fishing charter, participants are essentially paying for a package that includes various expenses:

  1. Expertise: The captain and crew bring years of knowledge and experience to the table, knowing when and where to find the fish.
  2. Fuel: Fuel is a significant expense to power the boat to prime fishing locations.
  3. Bait: Quality bait is essential for attracting and hooking fish.
  4. Fishing Gear: Fishing charters often provide all necessary fishing gear, including rods and reels.
  5. Boat Maintenance: Regular boat maintenance ensures a safe and reliable fishing vessel.
  6. Dock Fees: The cost of docking the boat when not in use.
  7. Licenses and Permits: Necessary permissions for fishing in specific waters.
  8. Admission Tickets: The fee to join the fishing expedition.

deep sea fishingOwning and maintaining a personal fishing boat would entail substantial costs, including fuel expenses that can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per trip. Additionally, investing in fishing gear and tackle could easily cost thousands of dollars. Considering these factors, engaging in occasional deep-sea fishing charters becomes a financially prudent alternative.

For those who wish to enjoy the thrill of catching sizable game fish a few times each year, the expense of joining a fishing charter is a sensible choice. Cheaper inshore charters that stay closer to the coast are available for individuals who prefer not to venture into deep waters. Although there may be days when the desired catch eludes everyone, this is part of the fishing experience and is not exclusive to charter trips.

The choice between private and public fishing charters comes down to personal preference and budget:

Private Charters

  • Private charters offer a more personalized experience with fewer participants.
  • Fishing gear is usually included, reducing the need for personal equipment.
  • Private charters are more expensive due to the exclusivity and fewer people on board.

Public Charters

  • Public charters are a cost-effective way to experience deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach.
  • Participants can bring their own gear or rent it from the charter.
  • The lower cost attracts more participants, potentially leading to crowded conditions.

Ultimately, the perception of deep-sea fishing’s cost varies from person to person, based on their individual assessment of the experience’s value. For those less interested in angling, spending hundreds of dollars on a fishing trip without a guaranteed catch may seem extravagant.

In contrast, passionate anglers understand that fishing involves skill, knowledge, and years of experience. By joining a fishing charter, they gain access to the captain’s expertise, making the cost worthwhile.

For anyone planning a Myrtle Beach deep sea fishing adventure, it’s advisable to bring suitable sunglasses, appropriate footwear, and avoid using freshwater fishing gear. Tight lines and happy fishing!

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