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What You Should Know About Fishing Charter

fishing charterOur experienced fishing charter has answered the most frequently asked questions to help you prepare for an unforgettable experience! Learn about everything from tackle and bait to where, when, and how best to cast your line. There’s no better way to get ready for a fun day on the open water!

What boat and trip type to choose?

Ask Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises if you’re looking to board the best boat and get the most memorable fishing experience in Myrtle Beach.

What to bring?

All the essentials you need for an awesome fishing excursion are easy to pack – don’t forget your lunch, snacks, and drinks to stay energized. Don’t skimp on sunscreen either! To make sure you have a comfortable day out on the boat, bring appropriate clothing like hats and boat shoes as well as a beach or hand towels. And last but not least be prepared with sunglasses and zip-lock bags if taking home fresh-caught fillets is part of your plan!

What will be provided?

Looking to embark on that perfect saltwater fishing in Myrtle Beach? Look no further! We have all the necessary supplies – rods and reels, bait and tackle, ice for keeping things fresh – plus a fishing license so you can begin your exploration with ease. And if you manage to catch something delicious, we also provide fish cleaning services too. Of course, these are complemented by our friendly customer service staff who will turn up with grins ready at every step of the way!

How to tip the captain?

The hardworking crew lives and breathes the cruise, providing exceptional service for tourists at every turn. The unwritten expectation is to tip them generously – around 20% of the total cost – as a sign of appreciation for their dedication and hard work in making your trip special!

What about the price?

Get ready for the ultimate private charter experience! Our prices page lists a great value package that allows up to six people in your group. No need to worry about sharing with strangers – it’s just you, your crew, and our skilled captain on board! Whether you’re looking for an adventure out at sea or simply want some peace away from society, this is the perfect way to explore undisturbed.

Can you have more than six people?

Gather your crew and come on board with us! We can take up to 6 passengers at a time, so whether you’re fishing or just voyaging away, we’ve got the capacity for it. Sure enough, this isn’t something that only applies to our charter alone – most private boats operate under these U.S. Coast Guard regulations too! But if you have more than 6 in tow, don’t fret; give us a call and we’ll help sort out multiple boat charters for larger groups of adventurers like yours!

Can you share the fishing charter with another group?

With private charters, you are guaranteed an experience of a lifetime without the worry of planning falling through at the last minute. Get ready to make lasting memories with no chance for unwelcome surprises – such as being paired with people who have different goals and idea for fun than you or watching someone else reel in ‘the one that got away’ while your line is idle! When it comes down to providing our customers the best service possible, we choose only private charters so everyone can be sure they’ll get all their prized catches – book yours today.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us for your deep sea fishing trip guarantees you the best experience; not only are we passionate about what we do, but it’s also all that our team does full time! We’re dedicated to finding and knowing when the optimal bite is on any given day by supplementing income with rod and reel commercial fishing. Furthermore, customer service is something of utmost importance – rest assured that everyone involved in the trip will be having an enjoyable time as a priority!

Will there be a deckhand and a captain on board?

Our boats make fishing a personal experience, with no deckhand necessary yet all the guidance you need. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just beginning your journey into sport-fishing, our Captains are available to give instruction and hearty advice as needed – making each outing unique for everyone on board. And customers have remarked that this hands-on approach is even more enjoyable than traditional charter boat outings!

Looking to make your charter experience extra special? Request a deckhand and get even more out of the journey. Our charters are already priced by expense – but if you’d like an experienced crewmember on board, there’s just an additional $75 fee! And don’t forget: sometimes our Captains opt for their own Deck Hand or use it as a training ground for new skippers… so you might be in luck with no added cost at all!

What About Our Kids?

Join us for a family fishing adventure! Nothing compares to the joy of watching a child haul in their first trophy catch and setting off what will surely be an enduring appreciation for all that ocean life has to offer. We take great care when bringing young kids along, making sure only gentle seas are predicted so as not to compromise anyone’s comfort level – if conditions don’t look favorable, we can always aim closer towards the shore on one of our port trips. Even motion sickness gets taken into account; surprisingly enough those little ones actually fare better than adults in this regard more often than not! And finally, while going after big trophies is exciting you must also remain flexible with your game plan — even if it involves re-routing or adjusting expectations depending upon success rate.

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