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Dolphin Facts To Know On Your Next Myrtle Beach Dolphin Cruise

a bird swimming in water next to the ocean

Sometimes it can seem overwhelming to try something new. First experiences are not always bad. You might want to give a dolphin cruise a shot if it has been something that you have always wanted to do.

Dolphins are magnificent creatures of the sea. It can be thrilling to see them close up. Aside from the fact that they are cute sea creatures, not everyone knows much about dolphins. You have probably been considering a dolphin boat trip. Now is the time to find out more about these fascinating ocean mammals. Here are some facts about dolphins.

Dolphin Cruise Tips

Dolphins have names.

Dolphins, like humans have their own names. They are called whistles and calls. Each calves can distinguish the female dolphin’s call by hearing it differently. Like humans, they have their own identities. This was demonstrated by numerous studies where scientists recorded the whistles of dolphins and played them back to see if they responded to their “names”.

Dolphins are alert all the time

You may be curious if dolphins actually sleep. They do. They need to sleep 8 hours a night, but only one side of their brain is used at a time. Their left brain goes to sleep for 4 hours, while the right side sleeps for 4 more hours. Their brains are alert for predators and prey at all times. Half of them remain awake.

Dolphins get tanned.

This is another amazing dolphin fact. The skin color of a dolphin is different in summer and winter. In winter, they have a lighter skin tone. Their skin color darkens when it gets hot in summer.

Dolphins go into labor.

A female dolphin can go into labor for as little as twenty minutes, and as long at two hours. The dolphin’s twelve-month pregnancy is very long. One calf is given to each pregnancy. To avoid drowning, a baby dolphin emerges tail first.

Dolphins are intelligent.

This is not a secret, and it is one of the main reasons people take a dolphin cruise North Myrtle Beach. Evidence has even been found that dolphins can use tools. When bottom-feeding, they have been seen using sponges in the ocean to protect their snouts against injuries and predators such as stingrays.

Dolphins feel.

These dolphin facts will make you astonished at these magnificent sea creatures when you’re on charter boat tours. They are capable of feeling sadness, grief, affection, empathy and anger. Dolphins that are separated from their pods and caught by humans may attempt suicide. They may also grieve the loss of their parents.

Dolphins can see themselves in a mirror.

Another dolphin fact that proves how intelligent dolphins can be is this: Dolphins can also see themselves in mirrors, just like humans and apes. This is a sign of how sophisticated their brains can be. Studies show that dolphins recognize themselves at seven months of age, while humans recognize themselves at fifteen to eighteen years. This indicates that dolphins can be socially aware.

Dolphins are social.

Apart from their unique names, dolphins belong to other pods that have their own languages and cultures. They hunt together and share survival skills. They communicate and work together when hunting or eating food. They also care for each other when one of them is sick or elderly.

Dolphins are playful

Dolphins interact with their pod members. They can also interact with people. Dolphins can be aggressive when they sense danger or harm. It is best to avoid touching or feeding dolphins if you plan to take a dolphin boat trip.

Dolphins can move to other areas.

Dolphins are not migratory marine creatures. If they feel that their food supply is not sufficient, they will move with their pod to another place. They can feel the temperature change in the water. They will search for the perfect temperature and find it.

These are just a few reasons to go on a dolphin cruise. It will be a great experience to see these amazing creatures up close. You can also capture stunning photos that you can upload online. This is the perfect getaway for families.

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