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What To Expect When Going on a Myrtle Beach Deep Sea Fishing Trip

deep sea fishing

deep sea fishingImagine yourself feeling the wind in your hair. And, how about the spray of saltwater in your face as you wait for a tug at the end of the tackle? So, what if you manage to catch a huge fish that takes more than five people to carry? Those are the experiences you can expect during your deep sea fishing trip. If you are interested in taking a deep sea Myrtle Beach fishing trip, here are a few other things that you need to anticipate.

What To Expect On A Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Nothing Shallow

As the name suggests, deep sea fishing means you will go to a spot where the water is more than thirty meters deep. In most cases, you won’t see any dry land when you go on this trip, so be sure that you bring everything you need with you.

Your Trip Will Depend On the Weather

The weather and the wind have an adverse effect on the strength of the water waves. Therefore, it is only natural for the captain to depend on the weather whenever they go on a deep sea fishing trip in Myrtle Beach. So, your skipper will tell you more about this during the trip. However, you don’t have to worry.

The risks are minimized with the appropriate precautionary measures. Nevertheless, if your charter fishing trip is canceled because of these reasons, don’t worry. In addition, the charter company will immediately rebook your trip for another date and time.

You Will Board Bigger Boats

Deep sea fishing trips in Myrtle Beach mean you will be boarding bigger boats compared to those used for inshore fishing. And, they are comprised of sturdier materials to endure the elements of the sea, like the strong waves and winds. Moreover, fishing charter boats are also bigger so they can accommodate the big fish that anglers manage to catch.

deep sea fishingMore Physical Than Inshore Fishing

If you are used to sitting on your butt with one hand on the pole while the other holds a can of beer, you better think again. Myrtle Beach deep sea fishing goes beyond physical activity compared to inshore fishing. So, once you hook your very first catch, you will feel a tug that needs both of your hands. And, the fish you catch when you go deep sea fishing are bigger and stronger than what you catch when going on inshore fishing.

Different Set of Rods

Deep sea fishing in Myrtle Beach uses the same tools but with different specs. And, the tackle used is more tolerant to seawater because of the salt, which causes it to corrode much faster than when fishing inshore or in freshwater. Moreover, the lines are more durable and are made to withstand the game’s pull and weight.

Additionally, the conventional reels are replaced by multiplier reels to reduce friction. So, the different equipment allows you to get a stronger and more stable hold of the line when you reel in your 100-pounder out of the seawater and to your boat.

A deep sea fishing trip with Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises offers an exciting and physically engaging adventure. From battling the elements on a sturdy boat to wrestling with powerful fish, it’s an experience that differs greatly from inshore fishing. So, be prepared for an unforgettable time on the water.

Interested in going on a deep sea fishing trip? Contact Voyager Deep Sea Fishing & Dolphin Cruises today to book your adventure. So, get ready to reel in some big catches and enjoy the thrill of deep sea fishing!

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