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Deep Sea Fishing Aboard the Voyager Fleet

deep sea fishing

deep sea fishingThe Atlantic Ocean is a year-round deep sea fishing area off the South Carolina shore at Myrtle Beach. We fish at various depths and places depending on the seasons, sea conditions, and the location and size of the schools. We drift fish during the summer months for Kingfish and other species. The captain and crew will be there to assist you. There is a lot of excitement and action on these trips.

We provide all bait and tackle

Deep Sea Fishing Sustainability Practices

Our typical catch in the Atlantic Ocean includes red snapper (or jack crevalle), shark, lings, kingfishes, amberjacks, groupers, tuna, and jackcrevalles. As the schooling species migrate, the catches are seasonally dependent.

We promote catch-and-release to preserve Myrtle Beach fishing for future generations. The Voyager is licensed to operate up to 100 miles in the ocean.

Smooth cruising

The entire Voyager fleet is a modern fishing vessel. She is fitted with the most advanced electronics and sonars for fish-finding. She is fast and smooth.

Cabin is spacious and has comfortable seating. The restrooms are located at the rear. You won’t feel crowded while fishing with the large rail space.

Sustainable fishing practices

Catch and Release Conservation is our main goal!

Help us to make deep sea fishing a sustainable recreation. We are committed to sustainable fishing methods so that future generations can enjoy the sport of fishing by catching what they need and releasing everything else.

All gamefish, including billfish, will be released as quickly as possible. All non-edible (jack crevalle and bonita) fish will be released on the boat unless they are used as bait.

Fishing responsibly

All fishes that the fisherman catches but does not intend on eating or cleaning will be released prior to landing. We allow the landing and gaffing of certain shark species at this time but encourage the fishermen to release them after they have enjoyed the sport.

We do not kill fish. We want to give you the chance to enjoy the excitement of fishing, and taste the fresh fish that is caught while protecting the species for future generation.

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