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Deep Sea Fishing at Myrtle Beach

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Although you might think it is the best vacation destination in America, this city on the coast of South Carolina has more to offer. You’ll be amazed at the depths of Myrtle Beach’s deep sea fishing adventures. You will find everything you need to have a memorable vacation in the “Golf Capital of the World”.

This stunning city attracts around 14 million people each year. You can enjoy delicious seafood and other outdoor activities. Deep sea fishing is one such activity. It will provide you with the ultimate adrenaline rush. The Atlantic Ocean’s deep waters are full of secrets that will leave you awestruck by their beauty.

Keep reading if you are looking for deep sea fishing Myrtle Beach adventures. This article will cover all you need to know about fishing in the Atlantic from Myrtle Beach. You’ll be able to pack your bags and get on board a boat by the end of this article.

What can you catch when you go on a deep sea fishing trip?

You’re considering a Myrtle Beach deep-sea adventure. You might be wondering what fish you can catch. We have compiled a list with top South Carolina fish targets, so don’t stop reading!


Deep sea adventures don’t only involve big game fish. You can also hunt big, tasty bottom feeders. Snapper and Grouper are very popular in this area due to their delicious taste. They are also quite tough. You’ll have a blast targeting these animals, with the waters off Myrtle Beach filled with coral reefs.

Red Snapper is the most popular of all the species, and it’s free for all when season opens. You’ll find some huge fish if you move further from the shore, with average catch weights of 10-20 pounds. What about Groupers? Groupers?


Amberjack fishing is another popular target for anglers who want to do bottom fishing from Myrtle Beach. It can be very productive in these waters. It’s easy to see why Amberjack enjoy roaming these waters, given the many artificial reefs that have been created as habitats for various species.

Amberjacks average between 20-40 pounds. However, they can grow to a lot larger. These fish are very hungry and will eat any bait you give them. The best time to hunt Amberjack is from early spring to May. They are pickier during the summer months.

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi is one of the most fascinating fish to catch in the region. They are fierce fighters and some of the best fish you can catch. Although you may find smaller fish close to shore, the real action begins once you reach the 15-mile mark. They become larger, more aggressive and more beautiful.

They can be found in waters near the Gulf Stream and can be targeted all year. However, they are most active in the summer months when local fishermen go out to search for this magnificent fish. This fish is the most photographed. It will give you a great fight and a great selfie. It’s also great on the grill!


Tuna is a much more sought-after offshore fish than any other. There are many Tuna species that can be found off Myrtle Beach. You’ll find them all when you head out. Bluefin, which can weigh between 300-500 pounds and more, are the largest of the group. There are also chances to catch larger varieties. This beast can be found in the spring months.

Due to the thrill of the chase, Yellowfin Tuna and Blackfin tuna are very popular. You’ll see them appear in spring but they are most active in summer. Blackfin Tuna is closer to shore. These pelagics are easy to find, and they’re great fun to battle. To get them to bite, you can use natural baits such as mullet and ballyhoo along with an artificial lure.


Billfish, one of the most revered fish families in the world, are a force to reckon with. You’ll also find Sailfish and White Marlin in the South Carolina offshore waters. During summer, these fish tend to migrate from the Gulf Stream to the shoreline, which makes it possible to catch prized specimens within 10 miles of shore.

You can try fishing weedlines and natural reefs for Sailfish if you have your sights set on them. A small lure or skirt can be used to attract the fish. Marlin prefer larger bait. You’re sure to get their attention if you rig large mullet, ladyfish or ballyhoo for them to swim or skim across the surface. Their leaps are legendary so get ready to fight!


These waters are home to many more fish, which can make it a great place for deep sea fishing trips in Myrtle Beach. These fish include Barracuda and Wahoo as well as King Mackerel and Cobia.

When to go on a fishing trip?

Myrtle Beach deep sea fishing is a great adventure. It all depends on the species you are trying to catch. Bottom fishing is great in spring. It can provide a variety of species such as Snapper, Grouper and Amberjack.

Summer is a busy time for deep sea fishing trips. Both local anglers as well as tourists flock to the blue waters for some productive trolling. Barracuda and Mackerel are all eager to take your bait. You can find Amberjack and Mackerel close to shore in fall. Winter, however, can produce less fish but still provide a great experience.

Do you have any other suggestions?

It’s now up to you to find out what the rules are for deep-sea fishing at Myrtle Beach. Licensing is the most important thing. A South Carolina fishing license is required for anyone over 16 years old. You don’t need to worry if you are fishing on a charter fishing boat. Your captain will take care.

Open seasons are another thing to remember. Red Snapper, for instance, is one example of a fish species that has specific open seasons. Bag limits are another aspect of fishing regulations. Book a charter with a respected captain to ensure you are following all rules.

Deep Sea has Never Looked So Pretty

Here it is, your Myrtle Beach deep sea fishing guide. It’s one the most thrilling things you can do on water. The waters off this tourist hub make it the ideal place to start your next adventure. The corals are spectacular, the water is deep and the fish are fierce – all the things a deep sea angler needs!

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