I was on 24 hour Friday 21. I would like to say, it was one of the best trips. I have been on Capt. dicks 12 and 24 hour trips and when you only bring home 6 fish for a 12 trip and that is two people not good and the 24 hour trip was not good either. i had been on Capt. Stacy 36 and 24 hour trip and still not as good as yours. I live in Statesville, NC and have a home in Holden Beach and will been back to see you again. I had a mate name Jason the best mate I have seen but you need to get him a light ha ha. I have two 9 year old kids and I will bring them on a fishing trip, your 1/2 day trip. Me and my wife will be back on your 12 trip. With that said, I would like to see a 12 or 14 hour trip at night so it would not be so hot and you could mess around with your family during day first and you can double your limit on fish and again thank for a good trip.